Zimmerman Bond Revoked-Has 24 Hours to Turn Himself In to Police

Breaking News: Mediaite just reported that George Zimmerman the accused shooter of a young black Florida teen, Trayvon Martin has been asked to surrender to police within 24 hours on a bail revocation order.

This is not a great beginning to establishing credibility in his case, the judge ordered his bail revoked for basically lying to the Court. Zimmerman also hid the fact that he had a second passport which he did not surrender to authorities as part of the bail requirements called for in the previous hearing.

Updated: June 1, 2012 3:00 p.m.

Zimmerman lied about his passport, lied about his finances and had an estimated $250,000 raised but claimed he had no money in his bail hearing, thus the judge lowered the bail requirement to $ 125,000.00 in lieu of the lack of funds. Many critics in the case and certainly the Trayvon Martin attorneys indicated the bail was set too low, and that Zimmerman should be in jail until the trial.

George Zimmerman is charged with second degree murder of Trayvon Martin who was walking home from a trip to buy ice tea and Skittles at his local 7-11 store. 

Zimmerman then disobeyed orders to “not follow” the teen, and shot Trayvon dead, with a gun he was not allowed to carry as a night watchman, the wound was found six inches from Trayvon’s chest. 

There were drugs found to be prescribed to George Zimmerman weeks prior to the shooting death for various illnesses, one is a drug prescribed for ADHD which is Temazepam that has reported violent side effects. Trayvon Martin’s attorney said this was “the most important ruling in this entire case” said Benjamin Crump moments ago.

According to the Pub Med listing for this drug, Temazepam also has the side effects of: hallucinations and aggressiveness.

Reports on this drug have not been included in media reports for some strange reason, although it was in the released complete police report a few weeks ago.

The drug is usually taken only before bedtime, the night of Trayvon’s murder, Zimmerman was said to be slurring his speech during his 911 call to police about a “suspicious” kid. If a drug test would have been taken that night, the proof of what Zimmerman had in his bloodstream would have been properly identified.

The behavior of George Zimmerman that night, was apparently not normal but that does not explain his three previous charges of violence, two against his wife/girlfriends and one against a police officer.

If the information given by George Zimmerman lied about his secret passport, his hidden cash stash he can also be lying about what happened the night he shot a young teen for no reason.