Yellow Candidates, Fox, Greta Van Susteren

Nov 2, 2010 Yellow Candidates, Fox, Greta Van Susteren.  On election day today there is a poor me attitude eminating from the Palin camp about an article written that exposes the discord in the GOP. To think that actually some people might not approve of her take over of the Republican party is unmentionable according to Greta and Sarah discussions.  If we are to believe the Greta Sarah commentary we would all be voting for yellow candidates.

Voting Yellow

Voting for Yellow Candidates
Voting for Yellow Candidates

Vote Yellow?  You mean vote for candidates who do not answer questions like Christine O’Donnell or Joe Wilson who hires armed private security to keep the press away?  Or perhaps we are to vote for yellow candidates like Rand Paul who hires hilly billy goons to kick women protesters in the head?

The Crop of Yellow Candidates Grows

Well that is not how things work in politics.  You take the good press and that is easy enough but with the critics you make them your friends, not shout them out in the media saying ” Oh Jeez” and calling them yellow.

Put it to bed ladies, your not winning this one.  See On the Record. Fox.

In fact if you look at how Sarah Palin handles the media, even with a Journalism degree, she does not do mainstream media interviews as she stated yesterday.   Calling un-named sources yellow journalism is the same as calling the Tea Party candidates yellow for ducking the press. It works both ways and you cannot run for office, organize, promote your own candidate preferences without critics taking you on for it even if it is from your own party ranks.

Sarah Palin has still not proven herself a worthy candidate for Obama in 2012 nor has she the complete endorsement of the Republican party and it appears it will not be happening anytime soon with the current rift. Yesterday a few top Republicans were naming names for possible 2012 Presidential candidates and there were none mentioned with the word Palin in the list.

If her name was featured it would be a Democrat delight.

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