Wisconsin’s Fixed Supreme Court Election

April 10, 2011  Wisconsin’s Fixed Supreme Court Election

The discovery two days ago of 7,500 votes and now the election returns officials “misplaced” another 10,000 votes says The Week in their report.

In a race to stack the State Supreme Court with conservative Republican judges this election between Republican Judge David Prosser and Democrat challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg.

However, a Republican county clerk Kathy Nickolaus said she ” overlooked” 14,000 votes the night the ballots were counted.  This is impossible since 14,000 votes would be contained in paper ballot boxes and accounted for -unless it was done intentionally. Nickolaus has a record apparently of keeping secrets, and adds up the votes on her computer – at home. She has been in charge of this voting process since 2006 and unless some other independent person verifies her hacked results and election fixing the results are not verified or legally acceptable.

Kathy Nickolaus verified that 100 percent of the votes were received and accounted for but ballots are numbered and the system she uses is very suspicious and she needs to be investigated.  In most voting procedures no one goes home until all the votes are counted and the fact that the Brookfield Patch votes were missing, it would not have gone unnoticed unless someone was waiting to see if Prosser was going to lose.

What county clerk gets to take votes home with her to “work on her computer”? Is this a legal procedure allowed in the State of Wisconsin that apparently has no handle on how to hold a legal election. It appears like a very susceptible to illegal tampering system they use in Wisconsin and perhaps the November 2010 election results should be recalled also.

A re-vote must be held to ensure the election process was legitimate and not rigged as is so often common with Republicans happy to “rig” an election like they do in Georgia.

This is election fraud, it is illegal and those responsible should spend time in jail, it is illegal to tamper with or withhold boxes of votes until after the count indicates you lost.

If any justice is served, those ballots must be thrown out-but better still -throw out the whole election and start over again.

The results are causing a major uproar in the Democratic Party, the internet and all those who want this shady election in a do-over.

The funny part is that another  7,500 votes were found by a Democrat clerk earlier which also swung the vote in Kloppenberg’s favor.

Kathy Nickolaus worked for the Republican party caucus in Wisconsin for 13 years when Prosser was minority leader and was also the Speaker for the State of Wisconsin assembly.

How can you lose an entire city’s ballots? How can this election be honest? Wisconsinites should be responding how this all went down, and how a former Republican staffer who was accused of secrecy of the data,  working on the election on a home computer and how likely it was to hold on to those votes for 29 hours. This is not a conspiracy theory as there is hard cold evidence questioned by lawyers, activists and campaign staff.

Don’t they do this in Haiti?

We can sum up Wisconsin today as being a rogue state run by a Republican Governor who obtained passage of a bill by illegal means, and that the Supreme Court that will decide this illegal bill is now stacked with a Republican judge and who’s election results were mishandled using very secretive and unusual election procedures.

Wisconsin has become the US Nigeria.

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