WikiLeaks: Next Target is Wall Street

In a Nov. 11, 2010 Interview Julian Assange the hero of transparency on governments is now targeting big business and Wall Street for his next target.

Forbes discloses that Assange is going after Wall Street, big banks and corporations that are holding the real power in the US government and he has the documents to prove it.

Julian Assange on Time Magazine

After the release of military cables detailing correspondence with foreign diplomats the impact has the government in an embarrassing situation. Now the corporate world should have a share of the impact of their secret documents being released to the public domain in an era of transparency. Assange reveals the information he currently has can take down a few banks if revelations are concurrent with the military mother load he released two days ago.

Perhaps Assange has some documents revealing insider trading and the public is surely behind him on revealing unethical or illegal practices on Wall Street, after all this is where the demise of the US economy began to unravel. Wall Street has not been reeled in or regulated and with people like Timothy Geithner still in charge you wonder why Obama has not made the real changes people voted for in 2008.

If Wall Street continues to manipulate the markets, lie to investors, raid pensions, mislead bond rating agencies or the banisters continue to raid the piggy banks of Americans they deserve to be exposed. The Government will not do it, due to campaign contributions nor are they interested as Eric Holder has not put anyone in jail yet, therefore Wikileaks is the only hope for exposing Wall Street today. Basically Wikileaks is doing the government’s job since they lack the cojones to indict on criminal activity. Bernie Madoff may have some roommates out of the deal.

The Attorney General has been slow to charge people with conspiracy, fraud and other illegal activities that worked with Bernard Madoff. Just recently two of his top aides were charged in Madoff’s ponzi schemes but none of his co-conspirators at the SEC have been charged.

Instead the feds went after two secretaries on Madoff’s payroll Annette Bongiorno and JoAnn Crupi. Is that the best they could do? What about the obvious help Bernie got from the SEC inspectors or investigators that turned a blind eye to what was a glaring fraud game? Not one has been charged that worked for the Security and Exchange Commission.

It will be interesting to see if derivatives are still being sold, the market still being manipulated and oil prices shorted for the profits of big oil.  We shall see who the gangster’s really are in an upcoming bombshell by Wikileaks.

Wikileaks is good for the country, Wikileaks purges the soul of America and Wikileaks has become the watch dog for what the US government has obviously forgotten about –the word: ethics. It’s all good.

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