Wikileaks Leaks 400K War Docs Oct. 2010

Oct. 23, 2010 Wikileaks leaks another 400,000 documents on the Afghan war never previously released to the public.  The document volume is massive and larger than the last release of 79,000 documents released in July, 2010. The documents revealed size years of the US involvement in Afghanistan and there are many more documents to be released.

WikiLeaks Releases More War Documents
WikiLeaks Releases More War Documents

The networks used to release the information were the NY Times, The UK Guardian and the German magazine Der Spiegel. Most of the information from the first release has already been assumed by the public and through other sources regarding the truth about the war.

Army Intelligence analyst Bradley Manning is being held in a US prison and is suspected of leaking some of the documents to Wikileaks. The US military’s efforts to discredit and smear Assange thus far have proved futile, since there is a secured “insurance” document which will be released if any attempts are made to shut down the site.

The content of the encrypted insurance file called “insurance.aes256 are unknown, but could be damaging if release of the 1.4 gigabyte file become public.

The new 400,000 files are about the IRaq war and is considered classified by the US reveals the US commanders ignored the Iraqi security forces torturing prisoners.  The documents reveal the way the US handled the war in Iraq and operational military information.  The documents also reveal that there were 15,000 civilian deaths which went unreported by the American forces. Britain and the United States claim the leaked documents put people in danger especially informants.

Julian Assange has defended the release of the documents and stated more will come. He has become a hero to some and his pledge ” the first casualty of war is truth”.  “We hope to correct some of the attack on the truth that occurred before the war, during the war and which has continued on since the war officially concluded”.

US Sec. of State Hillary Clinton criticized the release of the documents claiming they threatened national security as did the Pentagon.  Assange replied that the Pentagon is issuing “deceptive statements to fool the press into reporting something that is just not true”.

Where are they now? George Bush is now making his debut by releasing his new book. Dick Cheney made a pile of cash with Halliburton, the oil business and torture used in the Iraq and defends himself in the press. Donald Rumsfeld joined the Hoover Institute and is implicated in the use of pharmaceutical experiments with US soldiers.

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