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July 26, 2010  Wiki War Leaks- The latest news on the Wiki Afghanistan War documents leaked and approximately 91,731 documents revealing NATO deployments have been made public.

Wiki Leaks -Leaks 200,00 Pages of Documents on Afghan War
Wiki Leaks -Leaks 200,00 Pages of Documents on Afghan War

Wikileaks is an international group that publishes anonymous information submitted and supposedly leaked  about sensitive information from governments and other agencies. Yesterday Wikileaks posted 75,000 reports from the US military relating to the war in Afghanistan.  The documents revealed not only the reality of the war but the deaths of thousands of dead statistical casualties of the war.  Each report reveals the geographical location of events that are written by US soldiers, deployments and intelligence officers from the marines, American embassies and military activity across the landscape of Afghanistan.

A document called the Afghan War Diary is an accounting of revelations during the course of the nine year war in Afghanistan made public to the world.  For more information on the Wiki War Leaks see: WikiLeaks.

The Wiki War Leaks is one of the biggest security breaches in all time illustrating direct uncensored date directly from the war and opium soaked fields of Afghanistan.  There are 200,000 pages on the War in Afghanistan including foreign support for the Taliban.  Secret Afghanistan Leaked Reports.

View the Video about the WikiLeaks as Julian Assange speaks about the classified documents.

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