Why the GOP Can’t Stand Obamacare

May 18, 2013 Obamacare takes center stage in the House of Representatives, well after the case went to the Supreme Court and was struck down, the GOP continue to try to tackle Affordable Healthcare for all this year. For the 38th time, the House Republicans voted to repeal the Obamacare bill known as the Affordable Care Act.  

Still Stuck on Stupid- GOP House Agenda to Destroy Healthcare

It makes the world wonder that in the wealthiest country on earth, that Americans can lose their homes, with one hospital bill and how medical insurance ends, when they lose their jobs or move to another. The backward Party of the Stupid GOP will continue to attack this bill because it’s already working to save lives and 80 percent of Americans want it established. 

There has been no job bill from the House in five months, no bill that strengthens the economy, no bill that creates or stimulates the economy. The GOP plan is to take away the signature piece of the Obama administration, just for spite of the first black President. 

The Ed Show tackles the endless scandals that republicans tried to dig up this week attacking the administration for Benghazi although the emails were altered by the republicans themselves.

Republican Darrell Issa continued his heightened inquiries and deception by insulting the intelligence of Americans, when it was found that republicans altered emails regarding Benghazi to blame the President.

Former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is still living in an Ayan Rand novel, still attempting to destroy Medicare, Obamacare and Social Security. Republican Michele Bachmann still lives in a far off planet blaming Obamacare and telling her fellow right wingers to “repeal Obamacare today”. The same players, the same old song and falsehoods regarding affordable healthcare to 40 million Americans, yet they have no plan to replace the act. 

The Week of Scandals- Ed Show May 18, 2013

A slew of scandals came racing out of Washington this week from the AP searches of phone lines of their reporters by the Justice Dept., the BenghaziGate and the Old ObamacareGate seemed to be an obsession of republicans.

Fear of Obamacare continues to drive the GOP to insanity because people need it, want it and they will not go back to a country that would not establish a health system for all Americans not just the wealthy ones. It is their fear that Obamacare is already saving lives -the fear that grips them by the throat and the fear they will lose another election in 2016.



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The Face of Obamacare -This Story is Why Affordable Healthcare Saves Lives

As featured on the Ed Show, Dan Seco who is only 26 years old has already been saved by Obamacare. The freelance writer lost his health insurance and then developed non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and therefore was in desperate need of medical attention. Mr. Seco had neither a job or the resources to pay for his own high priced medical insurance in the old system.

Photo: Dan Seco speaks to Ed Shultz in the video on how Obamacare saved his life. Read more about his story on MSNBC’s Ed Show


Dan Seco is now undergoing chemotherapy that will save his life and thanks to Obamacare he now has hope for a future.  The republicans would rather that Mr. Seco die without medical help and just get cut off from any care.  

George Bush Universal Healthcare for Iraq

The George W. Bush Universal Healthcare for Iraqi Citizens  

After George Bush destroy the country of Iraq by a war that didn’t have to happen, rebuilding the country was at the US taxpayers expense including a government healthcare system set up by the USA. 

This is the party that when they invaded Iraq had instilled Universal Healthcare to all Iraqi citizens in their new constitution. Ex-President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and his administration enshrined in Iraq’s first democratic government, that all citizens would be covered for healthcare. Every man, woman and child would be covered under the government’s healthcare plan. However, today the GOP have attacked the same system of care of the country they helped to destroy by an invasion!