Why Russia Bans US Meat

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Russia Cuts US Meat Imports High Levels of Antibiotics

Updated: March 31, 2012  Another reason why Russia bans US meat is due to the fact that the USDA plays fast and furious with food safety.

Due to the public outcry the USDA finally announce that after it bought 7 million pounds of Pink Slime from Beef Products Inc for school lunches, it now offers a choice to district schools.

Slimy Politicians Pretend they eat Pink Slime Hamburgers

McPuke Me!!


However, since the USDA is using the public’s money, the public has every right to say how it is spent.

In this case the USDA is promoting a beef maker that believes it can make a profit from garbage and sell it as wholesome and nutritious which is not true. The fact that this fake refuse is not even labeled says a lot about Pink Slime. The public has refused it, grocery chains have refused it and schools across the USA have refused it. How far does it have to go before the government really gets it. The people don’t want Pink Slime!!

March 21, 2011  Russia Bans US meat mainly beef, pork and chicken produced in the United States for a very good reason and they have every right to do so. 

Russians are not fooled by the US corporate politicians who have allowed the degradation of the food supply but Russia is not buying American foods such as beef, pork or chicken meat or by products.

The increase of all the hormones, genetically produced animals, science going in the wrong direction and polluting the food supply so badly that foreign countries are not buying factory made foods. This is all hurting the US economy and causing  low grade foods to be produced cheaply for the food manufacturers but they cannot sell it to unsuspecting foreign countries.

Canada imports a great amount of US pork, beef and chicken and have no standards on the excess use of hormones, antibiotics or gmo in the products they buy from the United States.

No matter how hard the lobbyists, politicians and presidents push made in USA food products today are being banned in many countries.  The outbreak of salmonella poisoning did not help US factory farm producers last year either.  Over 500,000 eggs were found to be tainted with salmonella poisoning.

Food Safety News reports that Russia is not causing trade barriers, they simply do not want to buy US produced foods.

The Russian press secretary made a statement in September 2010 and said:
“ excessive presence of antibiotics”.  American food producers both in the US and 12 facilities in Europe have had their licenses revoked due to the tainted food products.

From Reuters Report in 2009 we quote:

(Reuters) – Russia, a top market for U.S. meat, has cut its 2010 import quotas, meaning fewer pork and poultry imports will be allowed in at low duty rates compared to 2009, industry officials said on Friday.
The news comes as U.S. livestock farmers and meat exporters try to recover from the blow caused by high feed prices and weak global demand, and as Russia aims to become more self-sufficient in meat production.”

U.S. industry officials and analysts said they were disappointed in the quota cuts, but hoped Russia might raise the volumes during the year.
Russia set its annual import quota for U.S. poultry at 600,000 tonnes, down from 750,000 tonnes in 2009. For pork, the quota was cut to 57,500 tonnes, down from 100,000 tonnes in 2009. “

Another reason again is:
“ Aside from the quota cut, U.S. pork trade with Russia has been threatened by recent bans on pork from many U.S. plants after Russia said it found high levels of an antibiotic residue.”

The facts are that the United States government has allowed standards of food quality to drop so low, that it is affecting the economy.  If taxpayers wonder why foreign companies are banning US food they have only to look at their politicians campaign contributions from the big factory food producers to find the reason.

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It is not only necessary to look at what the US government has done wrong with the food supply that is now affecting US exports and lowering sales of food products but also how the Smithfield farms are abusing farm animals.


The LA Times has an excellent article that outlines the abuse by the Murphy-Brown factory farms in Virginia which is a subsidiary wholly owned by Smithfield’s.

The pictures are evidence of the abuse and the farm has had the intervention from the Human Society.  Pigs are crammed into cages or crates and injected with high amounts of antibiotics and hormones which affect human health in a negative way.

If President Obama cannot see his way to regulate the food industry to stop the genetic modification and eliminate all chemicals from factory farms the US export business might as well close their doors and go out of business.

If you cannot produce the best quality products as nature intended, and if science keeps distorting the nutritional value in natural foods and you cannot give this food away then there is no hope for corporate owned governments to succeed in business.

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Pigs Produced in US Tests Reveal High Levels of Hormones, Chemicals

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