While Mitt Romney Debates -Sensata Jobs Going to China

Oct 3, 2012   While Mitt Romney is debating tonight with President Obama, 170 families are out in the cold losing their jobs to China. Again Bain Capital outsourcing jobs, cutting up US companies into tiny pieces and shipping factories and lives to China.

Sensata workers are blocking moving trucks that are hauling equipment away in a defiant step to stop their jobs and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

The workers are set up in tents outside Sensata and call it “Romneyville a Suburb of Bainport” and are stopping the moving out of equipment and their own jobs.

The jobs need to stay here, and they are standing up to Bain Capital outsourcing, stopping the bleeding of jobs to China.

In Freeport, Illinois a company called Sensata Technologies, a plant where American workers have been slaving for 30 years for some, is being outsourced.

The workers have asked for Mitt Romney’s help, to intervene, to find a way to keep the jobs here for 170 families, who won’t have a very nice Christmas this year.  The broader point, is they will not be consuming, they’ll be on unemployment benefits. Some are in the late forties, or fifties and it will be more than difficult for them to find jobs.

For weeks the workers have been camped across the street from the factory and on Saturday, Sept 29th they even had a pig roast. They still continue to hope this nightmare will end and they can have their jobs back with Mitt Romney’s help. It never came.

On one occasion workers sent Romney a letter through one of his campaign offices, when Romney’s representatives called the police on them. On another attempt they traveled to the RNC Convention in Tampa, Fla., to meet with Romney and he refused. He has refused all along to even meet with them and with all his claims that he knows how to create jobs- he didn’t create any for these workers, he outsourced their jobs to China.

Although, Mitt Romney is not “working” for Bain Capital directly now, the company he created, he still gets paid through dividends for their acquisitions and selling off of US companies. It is called vulture capitalism and Romney will receive payment for outsourcing Sensata Technologies.

Romney has explained his company, that “harvests” US companies, bleeds them dry and then sells them off for profit.

The Sensata workers have experienced Mitt Romney’s “Harvesting” when Bain purchased stock in Sensata for $350,000 and got a tax break for transferring his stock investment into one of his foundations.

A Sensata Worker Cheryl Randecker said:

“He’s getting a tax break on Sensata stocks while Sensata sends our jobs to China. Mitt Romney is personally benefiting from our misery. And yet, he has the gall to blame President Obama for what’s happening to us.”

No Severance Package for US Workers

The Sensata employees have not even been give a severance package they had when Honeywell owned the company. They were cheated by Bain for that full package also.

The American workers even had to train their Chinese counterparts who were here to be trained. How would it have felt for them to train foreign workers to take their jobs back to China after they trained them?

President Obama has mentioned a tax penalty for US companies that consider outsourcing to make money and there should be a deterrent in place for people like Mitt Romney and companies like Bain Capital. There must be a preventive stop measure to this vulture capitalism that is destroying the economy of America.

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