What was the Government and in particular Congress Party doing?

Mahatma and the Congress Party are synonymous .The Government of the day is also controlled by the Congress. Have they failed in their duties to procure the Mahatmas belongings?One months salary of all the Congress MPs and MLAs across India could have stopped the auction. Any takers? Where are the Patriotic congress leaders?


6 thoughts on “What was the Government and in particular Congress Party doing?”

  1. Generally politicians be it congress or BJP they use the name of the patriots only to secure vote during elections other than that they don’t even consider the patriots a bit.

  2. Congress has never followed single principal of Gandhiji. They use the name of Gandhiji only when the election comes or they are in trouble. How Vijay Mallaya exposed Congress, that not only India but whole world knows. Even though Congress does not have the shame.How you are seeing the dream that Congress MPs & MLAs will donate one month salary. Theses congressian are most corrupted in India and if they will donate one month salary, they will reimburse 10 times of it with in 24 hours by any means. Do not expect patriotism from Congresse, they are the sellers of India for getting power.

  3. Congress can collect votes in the name of Gandhi.U R asking for belongings?They r demanding & accepting bribes under the picture of Gandhi.They have nothing to do with his principles.U r expecting 1month salary!Don’t wonder plz.

  4. Mr.Rajaram, are you still living in India or abroad? Just watch the film “slum dog millionaire” in which the main boy character is beaten up by a cop since he fails to recognize Gandhiji’s picture in a thousand rupee note. Of course, the Government is controlled by the Congress Party. Do you think congress party’s main concern is to safe guard Gandhiji’s possessions? It has got thousand and one problems since the party strives hard very much to maintain its identity in all the states across India.All the MPs and ML As might have invested their monies elsewhere in the world and have no time to enjoy even their paani poorees. What do you mean by Patriotic congress leaders?. Even other leaders are patriotic too, no doubt about it. That doesn’t mean everybody should shelve out his earnings to bid in millions of dollars!!!!

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