What Happened to Canada? Stephen Harper-Hash Tag Fail

April 15, 2011  What Happened to Canada?

Stephen Harper-Hash Tag Fail on Twitter.

The hash tag Fail coined by Leader of the NDP Jack Layton turned on voters on Twitter and gave Jack a big boost in the world of Canadian Twitters during the night of the first debate.

In a sentence, Stephen Harper is facing another election and the reasons why describe a crumbling conservative government trying to hold on to power while ignoring Parliamentary procedure and spending money like a drunken sailor.

The video which explains why Canadians are going to the polls -Stephen Harper gave a robotic response to the Canadian public and his responses during the debates did not explain his own actions.

On Twitter the anger was palpable, most regarding manipulating the 1 billion dollars on the G-20, his inability to submit costs on: prisons, jets and not complying with investigations of his cabinet members.

Despite what you hear on the CBC, CTV and other Canadian media networks who didn’t bother getting real responses from Canadians, the debate was held on Twitter not the CBC.  The more conservative newscasters didn’t give Twitter hardly a mention of the world wide trending hashtag:

Twitter hashtag #db8 -which was Trending High on the Twitter Universe was the real response to the debates.

The debate was revealing and opposition parties were angry possibly because of Harper’s arrogant position on making up rules as he went along breaking the laws of government.

The whole scenario paints a very ugly picture of the former Prime Minister and there were plenty of Tweets to show the anger in the country seething for a few years.  Harper,  a conservative who he himself signed an agreement to form a coalition government to remove the Liberals from power. The conservative party has accused the other three parties of forming a coalition but recently have backed off that claim due to Harper’s own past history.

Stephen Harper has become what he accused the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc of doing and faced a Contempt of Parliament removal for the first time in history in Canada.

Stephen Harper-Canada's Mini George Bush


What Happened to Canada? Why is there another election call for the third time in a row in 2 years.

Election History Under Harper- he’s costing taxpayers a lot of money.

In the past decade Canada has had elections approximately every two years from June 2004, Jan 2006, October 2008 and now May 2011 just to name a few.  To the electorate this indicates desperate problems in Ottawa and most elections were called under the Harper years.

In each election Stephen Harper failed to get a majority of the vote signifying that he is not as popular with Canadians and would have given him a hint that he had to tow the line and follow procedures.  Harper did the exact opposite, broke laws, broke Parliamentary procedures, porogued the government twice to avoid a shut down of his policies.  The costs of these elections is on Stephen Harper’s head, not Canadians and is due to his inability to compromise, negotiate and lead a country where he doesn’t make ALL the rules.

Yes, it is time once again to vote for a Prime Minister that respects the law, respects Canadians and their struggles in a world where we find Canada involved in Afghanistan and now Libya draining billions of dollars from the economy.

For this reason- and many others Canadians will keep voting until this dictatorship is removed permanently and democracy is restored in Ottawa.

Harper’s Attacks on Civil Society Organizations

Harper has attacked child health, maternal causes, human rights, women’s equality and climate change during his leadership of Canada. He has attacked democracy in the worst way civil society in Canada which all previous Prime Ministers have endorsed. Canadians have been forced to accept the Harper cabinet that lied about Bev Oda, Tony Clement lied about Statscan, Jason Kenny Lied about the Kairos policy on Israel and they never received one apology from Steven Harper. Harper never apologizes for his role in a corrupted government.