What do you think of the Congress government asking for the flood relief money back from Bihar govt?

Congress party asked for the Rs. 1000 crores back already that was sanctioned after the Kosi floods last year. Is it a ploy to pressure Nitish Kumar to support Congress?

Congress will not bring the 75 lakh crores that is lying in swiss bank accounts but it wants 1000 crore back from poor Bihari people which was given for flood relief that displaced millions of people.


7 thoughts on “What do you think of the Congress government asking for the flood relief money back from Bihar govt?”

  1. I don’t bother about anything. I want congress come to the power once again. That’s all I want

  2. congress has to, even in the face of defeat, pay the goons in congress and UPA for bogus voting, booth capturing, impersonation and intimidation, especially the gujjars and meenas in rajasthan, who shared votes among themselves. This is on the slip-side.
    Congress party or italian sonia asking means, are there no financial rules and regulations governing such issues; is it the personal money of congress or italian sonia out of swiss bank numbered accounts or congress and italian sonia have done favour earlier by lending money to Bihar; congress and italian sonia’s politically immoral approach is visible but all said, what and where is the rule of their ambedkar about all these; or did he forget to mention anything on justification of political black-mailing by the centre upon a state.

  3. MMS is working hard to get to power once again. (Man Mohan Singh)
    Mohan ka Man ab Politics sikhane laga.

    Rahul Gandhi is praising Nitish kumar for his good governance is a part of same government?

  4. A) They didn’t get their cut from the sanctioned amount.
    B) Lallu would have given them a befitting answer in his chaste Hindi
    C)A ploy of arm twisting Nitish.
    D)Preparing a new ground for false propaganda against Nitish for the remaining seats.
    Pathetic wondering how low people can go down to win some power.
    Sorry no JAI HO !! Madam says she doesn’t understand the meaning of the song so; Full stop.

  5. the money cant be taken back as it has been spent but the people misusing this money should be punished and should be taught a lesson so that money is no more misused

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