Wall Street Bonus Time-Move Your Money

New York Wall Street Firms are giving themselves major bonuses after Christmas and President Obama is not doing anything about it.  Wall Street gave themselves 18 billion dollars in bonus money this month in January 2010.

Wall Street firms paid out 18. 4 billion dollars in bonuses in 2008 even after causing the country’s biggest financial collapse in history!  The gall of these people will cost them dearly.

Firstly they should be taxed on any income, assets, bonuses, and any special favors from the firms and take 90 percent of it by taxing them.  Secondly, their assets should be seized especially in hidden bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean including the Bahamas, and Swiss Bank accounts offshore where these crooks are hiding their money.

Total bonus money paid out in 2007 was 32.9 billion as these fat cat guys have let greed overtake their ethics.

Taxpayers can get even, and if Obama needs any encouragement to tax these bonuses at 90 percent or more -if he has the guts to do it, he better do it soon.  Obama has taken no action to prevent this disgusting greed that still persists on Wall Street and the Treasury Secretary is a complete failure.

While the country is still reeling from lost jobs, lost homes, foreclosures, bankruptcy, no student loans the Wall Street executives are still stealing from taxpayers.  Giving your money to these banks is feeding their greed so what are you waiting for -MOVE YOUR MONEY NOW!!

This has to stop and one way people can get even is to take all of there money, investments and other assets out of these major banks.  The Huffington Post has started a new and unique method for people to move their money to community banks and be the change that Obama isn’t.  Move your Money Now.


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