Wal-Mart in China

Wal-Mart in China  Updated Sept 20, 2011

WalMart Buys Chickens from China

Chinese Chicken Tenders Sold at WalMart were traced back to China

Walmart buys 99 percent of its products from China and has become China’s distribution system into the American market.  Walmart pays low wages to Americans to sell Chinese goods to other Americans.  What is wrong with this picture is that Americans are becoming cheap labor for the Chinese now and jobs are disappearing because theses goods are made cheaply in China.

WalMart products including food are made in China

Walmart is a shoppers paradise of cheap goods for the US and Canada market and who doesn’t like to save money?  Just recently WalMart has opened up massive stores with foods now coming from China. 

If you are into chicken tenders for you or even your dog, you may wish to see these pictures of how China’s quality control disregards all standards of food that is not inspected and what they really think about you as a customer.

This is How Chicken is Produced In China

There are no safety standards in China, no food is inspected thoroughly or passes basic food hygiene tests.

Remember China has no concern about your health or the safety of their products.

Next time you shop for food :


Here is where chicken tenders come from in China

Quality Control in China is Job #1- Ready for Cooking

Looks Like the Chickens have been there a While-Wonder What they are Using for Cleaning Your Food?

Chinese Supervisor Comes in for Inspection with her Shoes On

This garbage comes into the North American market without inspection and without question and stores like WalMart buy it in great quantities.

Wal-Mart in China

You wonder why Americans are losing their jobs while the rest of us are consuming contaminated food from Walmart and why would Walmart do this to you – as a valued customer.