Voters Blame Bush not Obama for Economic Disaster

A Voter Poll released currently still holds George Bush responsible for the woes of the economy and not President Obama who inherited multiple streams of disasters left over from the Bush Watch.

The economy was falling off a cliff, the entire globe was responding to a head on collision with a global financial meltdown, and then Bush left office leaving the mess behind. The GOP ran John McCain to misinform voters then about what everyone knew would happen one day.

You would almost think it was planned that way, due to the fact that for the better part of 2008 George Bush and the GOP candidate, John McCain kept announcing to the media “The Fundamentals are Strong” and all was fine in the economy, giving the public a false sense of security.

It would not have been a stretch of the imagination to believe they knew the economy was going to implode on the next President, who would definitely be a Democrat after two terms of George Bush blowing billions on two wars on a credit card, and two terms of George Bush was enough.

The Gallup Poll

The Poll was released by Gallup today showed a majority of Americans 68% hold George Bush responsible. However, 83% of Republicans hold President Obama responsible, the guy who was left to do the cleanup of the damages.

In a Democrat poll, 90% of Democrats hold George Bush responsible for the economy.

Voters Blame Bush not Obama for Economic Disaster
Voters Blame Bush not Obama for Economic Disaster

Today in Ohio both President Obama and Mitt Romney are head to head in an economic battle for the state, as Romney attempts to pin the economic problems on the President. However, the facts are that President Bush had 8 years to destroy the economy, President Obama has only had 3 years to clean up the mess left behind by the republicans.

The 2007 Speeches By Republican John McCain-

Who Can Forget These Re-Assurances that the Fundamentals were Strong

What did McCain mean by this, he meant that:

1) The government’s budget deficit was in good shape, despite the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war funding, was borrowed from China by the billions.The US was hardly in a position to go to war, plus the intelligence to go to war was false.

2) McCain meant that the trade balances were fine, not true. We imported more in 2007 than we exported, due to lousy trade deals which cost jobs that has accumulated for decades. Thirty years of trade imbalances caused job losses not President Obama.

3) McCain meant the banking industry exhibited confidence with consumers and the financial industry was sound and strongly earning profits. False.

4) McCain implied the inflation rate in 2007 and 2008 were all fine. False. The inflation rate in 2007 was 2.85 % and in 2008 reached 3.85% it was increasing. After the meltdown in 2009 it dropped to – 0.34 percent.

Even on Black Monday, September 15, 2008 when the announcement came of the implosion on Wall Street he still kept announcing in Jacksonville Florida that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” and then he stated “tremendous turmoil in our financial markets and Wall Street”. You’d think he would have known the fundamentals -weren’t that strong after all.

Jan 10, 2008 The Fundamentals Are Strong- America’s Greatest Days are Ahead of Us

In the same sentence McCain said this:

“I don’t know whether technically or not because it is a technical matter whether we go into a recession or not”.

He didn’t know? A Presidential Candidate -Didn’t Know where we were headed? The man that was close to the President didn’t know the financial industry was conducting a ponzi scheme after his 50 years in politics?

“I believe the fundamentals of our economy are strong and we will recover and continue to lead the world in every objective measure”.

Instead George Bush unleashed the dogs of war, deregulated Wall Street and kept his eye off the ball on phony derivatives plus he dropped the ball on a devastating terrorist attack on 9/11 on US soil.

With these three major flaws the US has not recovered from the damages, and perhaps will not for years to come. The expectation that one man without the help of a divided Congress could achieve complete recovery is totally asinine.

Editors Note: How could both George Bush and John McCain have been so wrong on the fundamentals of the economy?

The same way Mitt Romney is blaming the wrong guy in the disaster we are still facing in the economy today, continuing to blame the wrong guy, the wrong party and the wrong policies.