Virus Engineering

Title:        Virus Engineering
Sub Title: The New Pandemic H5N1

Subject:  Amsterdam Scientist Makes Deadly H5N1 Bird Virus

The News: Virus Engineering H5N1
As recent as September, 2011 a group of virologist scientists from the Eramus Medical Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands have transformed a less contagious virus into a virulent deadly one that could wipe out the human race.

The man who led this team is Ron Fouchier, who took the virus known as H5N1 bird virus conducting tests on ferrets in their laboratory and made it more deadly. This is the man who is busy creating deadly world wide pandemics by bio-engineering strains of the H1N1 swine flu into a more easily spread contagion.

Virus Engineering

Virus Engineering Man- Ron Fouchier Manipulates virus into Deadly Strain

The University of Wisconsin, University of Tokyo also conducted and had the same results as Fouchier. The premise of the study was to prove whether the H5N1 virus could be turned into a deadly pandemic and the answer was of course yes. Anyone could manipulate the DNA and genetic structure to do more harm, but why?

The virus H5N1 killed chickens, on several continents but did not cause more than a “reported” few deaths in humans.

H5N1 Was Not Dangerous to Mankind-until Fouchier Designed H5N1

The virus currently does not spread easily in humans, however it was the objective of this research to manipulate the virus so that it does spread easily. Ron Fouchier succeeded in his study to do so and therefore posed a threat to the world of another round of a stronger virus spread.  This is all in the hands of a group of scientists, working closely with pharmaceuticals and the World Health Organization.

The person(s) who funded this study are unknown at this time, however, this becomes a question of why is this research center concentrating on making less dangerous viruses, more deadly.


Virus Engineering
Virus Engineering



Why would we want anyone to create a pandemic and why did this virologist create a deadly, dangerous and easily spread virus that was never before in nature? Is the focus on designing death and creating dangers where none existed before or true science that benefits mankind.

The NSABB is an advisor board from the United States it is the National Science Advisory Board for Bio security and they are currently studying the paper presented by Ron Fouchier.

A statement from the Chairman of the NSABB Paul Keim has dire warnings:

“We’ll have a lot to say [in our report and recommendations]…I can’t think of another pathogenic organism that is as scary as this one…I don’t think anthrax is scary at all compared to this.” end quote.


The reality is world governments are not in the loop about what scientists are doing in laboratories around the world, but they fully should be involved when one man decides to create a deadly virus.

The World Health Organization has issued no statement on this process or the dangerous research being undertaken without any approval or reason for it.

Surely scientists like Fourchier  can create deadly viruses all day long, manipulating, genetically modifying and changing viruses to become deadly but why would they do this?

The situation is getting way out of hand and if this virus was secretly or purposefully released in a certain continent, it would be spread worldwide.  Millions of lives are at stake and this virus must be destroyed at all costs.  This scientist Ron Fouchier is taking the same path as Bruce Edward Ivins in the US that took anthrax and spread it to the world.

There is a part of a man’s character who gains an ego boost, by knowing he can kill the whole world off if he wanted to do so. This derangement of power and ego comes into play with this type of knowledge involved in deadly weapons of mass destruction such as a deadly flu bug.  Some scientists believe they can play God, and manipulate nature often to the endangerment of the rest of us.


Virus Engineering
This Man Could Kill You


It’s the wrong road that this science is taking which is not to be helping humanity and instead is creating death in a culture container that could kill off the world’s population.  Ron Fouchier manipulated this virus with five little tweaks that made it deadly now and it is in his control.

How bad is it?

When the head of a Bio Threat US organization states it is worse than anthrax-its time to put a stop to this nonsense.

Conclusions: Scientific research should be concentrating on helping natural human grown not violating international laws and becoming a bio-threat to the world. This laboratory needs to be investigated to find out who is financing this study, who will benefit and how it can be destroyed before it is released.

A group has already formed on Facebook to stop Mr. Fouchier from releasing his paper, and require him to destroy his deadly virus.

From the results of the Anthrax scare in 2001 a mad scientist in the USA also did the same with deadly consequences in mailing out anthrax powder to kill people.

Science is out of control, and not curing diseases but causing death which is against any law or morals on earth.

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Suppress Research of Ron Fouchier’s Deadly Engineered Avian Flu Virus

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