Victims of Aurora face Millions in Medical Bills

Update: July 24, 2012 Caleb Medley’s wife Katie Medley is expected to deliver her baby by induced labor, in Colorado University Hospital today. Caleb’s brother Seth, 21 years old is recovering slowly, and can understand when people speak to him. Caleb remains in critical condition with a gunshot wound to his head, which entered through his eye. He shows small signs of recovery from the tragedy that almost took his life.

The worst part of recovering from a shooting, from your body being riddled with bullet holes in America, is the cost of your medical bills.

The high costs of violent crime in America.

Many of the victims both deceased and living now face millions of dollars of medical bills. Some victims still remain in the intensive care unit at hospitals in Aurora, Colorado including pregnant mothers and others who remain in a coma clinging to life. 

Photo: Caleb Medley

Violence, and crime costs millions of dollars to the healthcare system, and if they can be avoided new gun laws would reduce these costs.  It does speak to the need for a universal healthcare system, that no matter what happens to an American walking down the street, or watching a movie in a theater that they will not lose their home, savings and investments due to a murderous shooter or an accident.

The US medical system does allow the insurance companies to run the system, they currently before the ACA, Affordable Care Act, decided who gets medical attention and who is allowed to die.

One such victim is Caleb Medley who remains in hospital, shot through his eye, and is in an induced coma. His wife, who is pregnant with Caleb’s, is also in the same hospital and was also expected to be induced into a coma.

The bullet entered and destroyed his right eye, and they are in much need of financial assistance.  Caleb is also a stand up comic where he often appeared at Comedy Works in Denver.   Due to their financial status, they have no health insurance and as of today, his medical bills are 2 million dollars. Some of Caleb’s friends have started a website to raise money for his medical costs. 

The Caleb’s went to see the movie as treat before they welcomed their baby Hugo into the world. Due to the fact that Caleb worked for both Target and Wal-Mart both stores do not offer medical insurance as part of their employment package.

To donate to Calebe Medley’s Medical Fund go to this website: Caleb Meley Help

Prayers work but a dollar donation can make a difference. The cost of violent crimes such as this event, costs the victims money, and that money could be better spent raising a family.

Editors Note:

Walmart in October 2011, cut health care benefits to its employees, and cut back coverage for part time workers in a big way.
Walmart claimed “rising costs” as the reason for cuts in employee benefits. At one time workers who worked less than 24 hrs per week were covered, but not now and there is no coverage for their spouse, but children were covered.  Not anymore.

NY Times: Walmart Cuts Healthcare Benefits

In September 2011 Walmart recored 3.74 billion in profits during the last quarter. Internationally, Walmart profits grew by 10.9 percent.

Walmart was recently charged with major corruption for a bribery of officials in Mexico to expand their retail store chain.