Vatican-Crimes Against Children

April 13, 2010 The Vatican states Christians should report sex crimes to the police today and seems quite communicative these days as they are under fire for crimes against children and have issued a statement over 50 years too late.  This is a diversion from the real crimes committed under the authority of the Vatican and therefore under the full acknowledgment of the Pope.

The Vatican Newspaper just recently blessed the Beatles after 44 years of denouncing the group by a single statement that were more popular than Jesus Christ back in the days of rock and roll.

Today the Vatican issued a guideline which is typical of the tyranny of priests holding too much power and committing blatant crimes of sexual intercourse with children worldwide.

Vatican Praises the Beatles -44 years Too Late

The policy today also smacks of protectionism of pedophile priests since the statement indicates that all Christians should report sex abuse “if required” by law. It is a final insult to the victims of sex crimes initiated by catholic priests for decades.

The Papal comment was :  “Civil Law concerning the reporting of crimes to the appropriate authorities should always be followed” was the text in the Vatican Newspaper L’Osservatore Romano failed to impress the victims of priests sexually targeting them in their early formative years.

What the Vatican statement failed to do was to man up -confess their sins as they expect their followers to do and ask for forgiveness which is a Catholic Church doctrine.  Without fully acknowledging their sins the Church continues to cover up their harboring pedophiles against the law for the past fifty years.

These adults who were then children had great faith in their priests who explicitly has sex with their parish’s children.  These priests continued a campaign of preying on children and the Vatican protected them from the law by moving them from church to church and sometimes out of the country to continue their sins against children.  No other religion allows their priests or church employees to rampantly abuse children in the manner that the Catholic Church has and continues to function in a sea of criminal activity.

The irony of the whole affair is that the Vatican often dismisses priests for other reasons and not sexual contact and raping children. In a December 17, 2009 report the Vatican ordered the dismissal of Archbishop Emmanuel  Milingo of Zambia because he called for abolishing the celibacy rule of priests.

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The Vatican was quite active in dismissing priests and could do so at any time as Pope Benedict did in 2009 calling Milingo’s statements “crimes against the unity of the holy church”.  Benedict however did not dismiss priests who preyed on having sex with children in direct conflict with its own teachings.

If it took the Vatican 44 years to praise the Beatles we can expect that in 2051 the Vatican will denounce their own pedophile priests.

Pope Benedict Heard All Cases of Pedophile Priests for the Past 40 years

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