Vaccines -Government Wasted Taxpayers Dollars

November 7, 2009  2:38 p.m.  Part 1 –  The Swine Swindle Chronicles

George Bush bought the anthrax vaccines from the pharmaceuticals during his administration and in 2008 in his final budget bill authorized billions for vaccines for the possible emergency of a global pandemic . In 2009 Obama continued on with funding these vaccines with tax payers dollars. Obama also authorized the Swine Flu vaccine to be administered under government mandates and signed the bill to authorize forced vaccines. Is this the change people voted for and losing their rights to not be infected by a swine vaccine that is not proven to work?

This is your money being wasted on ineffective, unproven and junk science which continues to harm human health. You have only to look at who in the Bush administration started this process of pandemic vaccines and who got rich.

Who as closely related and made huge profits from Tamiflu and the Roche Laboratories but George Bush’s secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld. The basis of Tamiflu is a herb from the aniseed plant which is used in alternative medicine. Only this formula developed by Rumsfeld’s company got the big government bucks and the secretary of state got his share in the scam.

In their business of fear mongering Roche is making billions on vaccines, and Tamiflu is a big seller. Back during the Bush years Bush and his friend Donald decided that Tamiflu would be the cure all for any pandemic and it is being used today against the Swine H1N1 Pig Flu.

Tamiflu doesn’t cure anything to do with the common flu but it is being prescribed by doctors everywhere against the swine flu. Even then the governments of the world were threatened with a pandemic and bought huge quantities making Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney very rich men. Do you see now how the drug company’s hold politicians in their pockets and you are paying for this farce.

Is U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld personally profiting from fears that the worldwide bird flu pandemic may occurred? Yes. Rumsfeld once served as chairman of Gilead Sciences, Inc., the company that holds the patent on the antiviral drug Tamiflu, currently regarded as the world’s best hope for the prevention and treatment of avian influenza. He still owns Gilead stock valued at between $5 million and $25 million.

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