Vaccine Paradox

Feb. 9, 2010  6.4 Million vaccine paradox – searches in Google

Gardasil Filled with More Mercury and Known Carcinogens

You have seen the hype from the swine flu virus in 2009  which turned out to be a world wide deception by the CDC of the United States with the help of all major network news which pounded scare stories nightly to American viewers.  All these news stories and commercials were influenced or paid for by drug company vaccine makers.

The US Government under President Obama also signed on to mandate vaccines under the “emergency preparedness act” and mistakenly he announced a “national state of emergency” for the swine flu virus which also turned out to be a hoax.  How could this President buy into a fake pandemic and spend over 3 billion dollars of borrowed money from China that the US taxpayer will be paying for decades?  How could he lack the knowledge and promote an untested vaccine forced onto the American public.

This contradicts President Obama’s attempt to reduce health care costs for vaccinating the whole population with a toxic vaccine will cost more health care dollars not less.  Either he is out to lunch or in receipt of large campaign donations from the pharmaceuticals and both seem to apply.

The Paradox of Vaccines Promoted by the US Government

There is a paradox on vaccine theory that drug company’s have no explanation and here they are:

1) Drug  company’s imply their vaccines such as H1N1, Gardasil, MMR are all safe without testing them for cancer causing agents.

2) Drug company’s also state in their literature that there is no such thing as a 100 percent safe vaccine, nor do they explain the side effects are deadly -they simply ignore telling the truth about their ingredients.

3) Drug company’s also state that their vaccines have saved lives, but provide no details on how many people died of vaccinations or were permanently damaged or their immune system harmed by vaccines.

4) Drug company’s offer no proof that their vaccines have worked to eradicate any disease, although they take credit for the reduction of disease due to better lifestyles and a healthier portion of the population that has not received vaccines.

5) Drug company’s have induced by influence the US government forcing all children in 12 states to get vaccinated without parental consent or knowledge.  This is a police state event and if your rights are being robbed by pharmaceuticals you will have to fight to gain your rights back.

6) The main vaccine paradox is a marketing ploy from pharmas that state their product is safe, although they also state that no vaccine product is safe.  The pharmas are also working on legislation preventing your right to sue them if you get damaged or die from a vaccine.

The first side effect of injecting you with toxins is an allergic reaction and in Canada 170,000 vials of H1N1 were returned to the manufacturer, and Canada also shipped their junk H1N1 vaccines to Mexico.   Canadians are not swallowing the kool-aid along with Spain and Germany who are returning their surplus swine vaccines to the manufacturers in the US. The long term side effects are cancer, diabetes, Lupus and more auto-immune diseases due to the damage to your natural defenses to disease.

Yes US drug makers should be charged with criminal intent and fraud however these corporations are now running the government with influence peddling lobbyists.  Your choice is to vote these people out of office now, and start your own campaign to regain your rights -not promote the rights of vaccine makers to harm your life or that of your children.

The CDC and the FDA will tell you all vaccines are safe but do you believe them let alone trust they have your best interests at heart?  The CDC updates its H1N1 and Gardasil vaccine information and the FDA just approved Gardasil to be forced onto young boys now, not just young girls.  Your kids will be vaccinated for the rest of their lives as the number of vaccines increase from 36 to many more.  Soon their will be a vaccine against breathing the air.

HPV is not an epidemic and there are more than 100 strains that the vaccine will not and is not proven to prevent.  It is an exercise in futility to think you can be vaccinated against every strain, however the drug company’s are making more and more vaccines for profit.

There is NO proven vaccine against cancer of any kind and this is another paradox you will face.  This vaccine is totally useless against cancer, and if there was a cure against cancer you can bet that the drug company’s will hide it for an eternity. The facts are that HPV in most cases is a mild case of warts which can be treated without a dangerous vaccine, and is not deadly as the CDC wishes you to believe.  HPV is not an epidemic although if you leave it to President Obama he soon will come out with an Emergency Order in the EP Act to vaccinate the whole country against HPV – even those under 12 or over 60 years of age and anyone in between as in the H1N1 vaccine.

What is most disgusting is the targeting of pregnant woman with H1N1 swine vaccine and the thousands of miscarriages from the vaccine.  This information is hidden from the nightly news and not reported by the CDC.  They are covering up the side effect of Fetal Death from the vaccine itself and there is a direct correlation between miscarriages and the H1N1 swine vaccines.

Contact the National Coalition of Organized Women to report or get the facts on Miscarriages and the H1N1 vaccine by going to: NCOW or calling Eileen Dannermann, Standing Director of NCOW.

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The major use of drugs and vaccines in 2010 is purely for profits, stock holders, and CEO bank accounts in the Cayman islands.  Your choice is to survive and stay health or surrender your rights for corporate profits.  Which will you chose for your own life and that of your children?

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Further more if you go to WEB MD, it will state that the HPV virus is NOT related to cervical cancer, this is simply not true but is more misinformation by the US Government agency the CDC.  The HPV virus is not deadly nor causes cancer therefore the paradox the drug company’s are spreading in their literature is pure fraud and the FTC needs to investigate these claims.

There is NO Vaccine against cancer – this is basically a criminal act to make a statement in order to sell junk vaccines to the US government with no proof that they work because they could not possibly cure any cancer.  If the truth be known -they cause cancer.


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