Vaccine Laws v.s. The American Family Part 3

Oct. 18, 2010 Vaccine Laws v.s. The American Family- Part 3  It appears the Vaccine Law is working against American families and drug makers are increasingly relying on the law to protect them from lawsuits regarding their own defective products.   The Supreme Court heard arguments on October 12, 2010 about a child of 6 months who was injected with Wyeth’s DPT vaccine and suffered with horrible results within two hours. Her name is Hannah Bruesewitz of Mt. Lebnanon, Pennsylvania.

Hannah Bruesewitz Still Damaged by DPT Vaccine

Family waits 18 years for Justice- The Bruesewitz Case

Hanna is now18 years old and her neurological impairment is severe. At age 6 months she wsa given a DTP vaccine. Within 2 hours she started having seizures and has re-occuring seizures. Rejected by the Vaccine Court their rights to the courts have been denied but they are fighting on for themselves and other families.  The case is before the Supreme Court and a decision on why drug companies should be liable for defective products and the damage they cause, forms part of the case the Bruesewitz parents are persuing in the highest court of the country. We wish them God Speed for Hannah.

Do you know what is in a Vaccine ?

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There is no legal argument to justify why Hannah Bruesewitz’s parents cannot sue Wyeth Labs (owned by Pfizer) in the courts and jurisdictions to prevent lawsuits just do not exist in the law books.  Why the US government allows drug makers to be exempt from tort law that Barack Obama could reverse. He should know about since he was a lawyer. Prohibiting a family from seeking relief in the courts is anti-American and against the constitution.

But the Supreme Court seems to be having difficulty deciding on the case of rights to sue drug maker Wyeth-Pfizer. The one bit of evidence in favor of the Bruesewitz family is that Wyeth’s diphtheria -pertussis-tetanus vaccine is the same batch that caused two deaths and over 60 adverse side effects that all came from the same batch. Therefore the quality, the preservation of ingredients, the right amount of ingredients, the standarization, the proper handling of the vaccines, the amount of bacteria in the vaccines all come into question and is fair game for families to question.

The drug company Wyeth has to prove and argue their vaccine was not physically defective which is causing a problem for them considering the two deaths and 60 complaints from the same batch.

American families already have in the inalienable  right to protect themselves against harm whether in a Toyota car or a child’s vaccine.  No government law can take these rights away nor can they be sold, bargained or given away and no system of power can defend the elimination of these rights. No contracts with drug companies can oppose the rights of the individual to universally deny the right to justice.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights are global laws which include the right to protect your property including your body from harm regardless of some 24 year old misguided and biased law. If the Supreme Court can rule that corporations are individuals, then can rule that the right to justice is also a social, legal and moral right based on the constitution and therefore cannot be eliminated by corporate power.

These are fundamental laws and governments that violate human rights are failing to protect American families from damages and this makes the 1986 vaccine law a total failure. Federal laws however backward and influenced they are, cannot supersede state laws.

Hannah Bruesewitz was damaged by a vaccine and the word “unavoidable” does not mask the fact that she deserves her day in the courtroom and she deserves justice just as all of us would hope to have our day to defend ourselves from a corporate power.

The Vaccine Court set up by Congress only awards compensation in 18 percent of cases brought before them, which is not impressively in favor of the American family and children damaged by vaccines.  It is not good enough that 82 % of families go without assistance, without compensation and face a lifetime of high medical bills, personal care, special educational requirements and a child they live with -day in and day out that has been damaged by a vaccine.

People understand by the percentage and figures that parents of children with vaccine damage are not being served, they are being denied not only compensation but denied justice. The conflicts of interests between the FDA, drug companies, government and the Vaccine Kangaroo Court who are all partnered to save the profits of drug companies has to stop.

The increasing number of lawsuits can be attributed to the increasing defects in vaccines and drugs by pharmas.  The lawsuits are a symptom of a greater problem and that is the need for profits at any cost namely your health or that of your children’s future health.

The costs incurred by the damages to families is soaring both to society and putting families into debt which is not theirs to bear.

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