US Straight Marriage Grim Statistics

Straight Marriage Statistics that Heterosexuals Don’t want to Share

The battle between straights and gays has been waged for some several decades now, and culminated this past week with a history affirmative by President Obama who calls for fairness in US marriages. But what are we really arguing here, who has the right to get married or divorced in society when a majority of marriages are in decline.

Who will own exclusive rights to the marriage-divorce rates seems to be up in the air but heterosexuals prefer only they to be the winners in the contest of how many divorces they can have and are not going to share those rates with gays. We have no figures on gay marriages since they are not allowed in a majority of states, nor do we have any figures on divorces for the same reasons. 

The Misery of Marriage Statistics 2009

They say the numbers do not lie and a statistical analysis of marriages in 2009 in the United States shows some startling revelations.

Of the 2,287,000 males that got married that year

1,099,000 men got divorced, almost half.

Of the 2,209,000 females that got married in 2009, more than 50% a total of 1,220,000 got divorced.

States with Highest Number of Marriages: Alaska (24.7) Arkansas (23.0) Utah 26.7% Idaho 25.8, North Dakota 25.1, West Virginia 20.8, Wyoming 28.7.

States with the Lowest Number of Marriages: Maine (13.5) Mass. (15.8), Minnesota 15.3, Rhode Island (15.0) Pennsylvania (15.5), Vermont (16.4), Ohio (16.9)

According to the CDC Center for Disease Prevention they have also accumulated statistics for 2010 on marriages and divorces.  

In 2010 2,096,000 million marriages took place and in the same year, 872,000 divorces took place according to the 2010 Census bureau figures. Of those married 42% of the marriages ended in divorce. From the year 2000, marriages have declined by 1.4 per 1,000 in total population. So marriage is not so hot these days for heterosexuals.

In 2010, the divorce rate was 3.6 per 1,000 of population which is only slightly down from 2000 at 4.0 per 1,000 a slight decline of only .4 over a ten year span.  

This means straight marriages are still ending in divorce at the same rate for 10 years. No drastic decline in divorce rates indicates, marriage is not really all that hot after all.

States with Lowest Amount of Divorces Amongst Women

If you a woman who wants to stay married best to move to one of these states: Alaska, District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, 

Amongst Men If you want to hang on to your marriage as a male, hopefully you live in one of these states: California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Idaho.

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We all remember this 2009 Miss USA Pageant Response from Miss California

“I think its great that Americans are able to chose one or the other. We live in a land that You could chose same sex marriage or opposite marriage”. “In my country in my family I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman.

A very puzzling response since in the State of California where she was from, you could not chose to be married and in only four states gay marriage was legal.

It reminds us of this gem: Whereas the US needs to Educate their Youngins’

A thought provoking Question posed to South Carolina:
Why can’t people locate the US on a world map, why do you think this is?”

Gay marriage is a matter of education of those who feel threatened by allowing gays to marry and a fervent fear of accepting that gays are part of this country.

If the country cannot accept gay marriage, then perhaps those who are gay should withdraw their taxes, services of employment and not contribute to a society that is so fearful of their rights to marry each other in committed relationships.
Most of the republican party is opposed to gay marriage however their political candidates in real life, could care less.