US Meat Infected with Staph-MRSA

April 15, 2011  US Meat Infected With Staph Bacteria-MRSA

Next time you cut into that beautiful red, juicy porterhouse steak you bought at your big box store,  maybe you might consider whether you will be infected with MRSA or an incurable Staph Infection a dose of a high amount of bacteria.

Bacteria in US Meat- Beef and Chicken and Pork Meats

As more and more billions of dollars are spent in Cancer Research, the causes of cancer are already in the foods that Americans are eating every day.  For most people this is turning into anger and resentment.

Today medical journals announced again that US meats contain high levels of bacteria, but it was announced in 2008 and nothing was done about it.

This Staph infection can make you very sick.  This is the tipping point where Americans have to demand a cleaner, healthier food supply system but they will not have this unless the food lobbyists are banned from Washington.

Who is at Fault for Bacteria in Meat?

Your government of course.  Your state representative or senator or Governor is your source of the problem that you cannot trust the food you eat.

The large factory farm food producers have deep pockets, and hire 100 lobbyists for every politician on Capitol Hill.  It is a wonder these senators and representatives can get any work done, while being bribed by the food industry.

Problems with Handling US Meat, Poultry and Pork

The problems come from factory farm contamination, disregarding food safety regulations and a very weak government that is too close to the food lobbyists.

The Obama administration was supposed to clean up the influence peddling in Washington, but it appears to have become worse during his three years as President.

Russians Banned US Meat Products- Chicken, Pork and Now Beef

The Russians already know how dangerous US meat is and are banning importing meat products into Russia.  Their studies show and have found hormones, chemicals and even the H1N1 vaccine in US meat products.

The problem is so bad you have to use gloves when preparing meat and cannot touch it with your human hand.  Any consumer finds this appalling and disgusting and if you cannot touch a food even while preparing it- why would you eat it?

The US Food and Safety people say” Just don’t touch the chicken, beef or pork
and cook it thoroughly, this is utter garbage. You should not have to wear gloves to prepare a meal.

The report shows 47 percent of US meat products contain a staph infection-that represents almost 50 percent chance you will get very sick and get an infection from your food.

Out of the 47 percent tested, 52 % of that infected food is resistant to 3 types of antibiotics therefore the drugs won’t help you.

52 resistant to 3 antibiotics  the drugs won’t help you.

US Foods cannot be touched, and getting an infection on your skin.

Years ago, you didn’t have to wash your beef first, now McDonald’s is using ammonia to clean their left over Advanced Recovery meat before making Chicken McNuggets from it.  ( meat taken off of carcasses filled with bacteria)
See our article on McDonald’s Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat is a phrase to describe food production that uses tainted, diseased ingredients and sells this to the public. Your biggest offenders are major fast food outlets such as: McDonalds, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and even the smaller food producers and retail stores.

Wal-Mart sells GMO food produce -its not even labelled GMO and it all comes from Monsanto the patent owners of Roundup, and other destructive deadly elements in food production. Wal-Mart even sells chicken that comes from China containing the same amount of bacteria.

You can read about :   Why Russia Bans US Meat

Russia doesn’t buy US meat exports because of the:

antibiotic levels
hormone levels
Genetically modified foods fed to cows, pigs and chicken

Now they can add : Staph infection in US food products as another reason to boycott US meats.

The US trade deficit is due to the US government allowing such garbage on the market and foreign countries are staying away from buying US food products.

So what are Americans doing, knowing today how their food is made, how dangerous it is to eat in any restaurant in America?  Not much it seems.

Medical Journal Release:

Staph Infections cause: pneumonia which is deadly to older adults, blood poisoning in all age groups, food poisoning in all age groups, Skin infections in all age groups.

This is the Staphylococcal Infection

Consumer Warning:

Even though the FDA, CDC and US Dept of Agriculture are all “allowing” this infection to spread in the food supply, they do have no warnings on consuming meat.

Consumers are warned to avoid meat purchased in retail stores, big box stores, large chain food stores and fast food outlets who are now carrying diseased meat with no regulations.

The type of staph infections are resistant to antibiotics therefore taking any drugs to off set this infection is a waste of money.

Foreign Food Importers are now warned that any meats imported from the USA now carry diseases. Russia has already banned US pork, chicken and meat products although the news is being removed on the internet.

The Staph infection is just another problem piled on to the already infected, and diseased meat products sold in the US for American families.

To combat a Staph Infection -eat coconut oil, which kills viruses, bacteria and fungus in the human body.  Staph infections can affect the bladder, and other organs causing many side effects that will sicken people.

The medical name for the infection is : MRSA.
MRSA is is a bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotic drugs and is difficult to treat.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

There are many diseases now in foods and caused by factory farm food production facilities such as: Mad Cow, HN51 and last year’s salmonella poisoning found in 500 million eggs that were deadly.

You Can Stop This:

Write a letter to the FDA, call your congressman is better but demand better non-diseased foods from your government.

Food Democracy Now has a petition against the FDA- join now

Quote from the 2008 Report

Russia has continued to cite various food safety concerns, including concerns about antimicrobial residues and the use of chlorine rinses on U.S. meat exports, and identified several U.S. poultry and meat processing companies as ineligible to export meat to Russia. In 2008 and again in 2009, Russia announced that it was banning poultry imports from several U.S. establishments due to safety concerns.

In addition, throughout 2008 and 2009, Russia refused imports of pork products from several U.S. plants because trace amounts of antibiotics were found in some of the meat tested.

As part of these actions, Russian officials signaled that U.S. permits to import poultry and pork under that country’s quota system might be restricted. (Russia also banned pork products for most of 2009 from several countries, including the United States, following reports about the H1N1 influenza virus in April 2009.)

Americans will have to import their foods from countries that do not use all the chemicals and allow factory farms to dictate government regulations.  The US has become a pathetic country selling tainted food for the profits of big corporations where profits come before food safety.

China Has Better Regulations and Enforcement of Tainted Food than the United States

In China the government prosecutes officials for selling contaminated pork, in Henan a very populated area of China.  Beijing actually investigates food contamination unlike the FDA which allows the tainted products to be consumed by Americans.  As Donald Trump says ” China is laughing at the US” and he’s right.

Over 72 hog producers in China were found to be guilty of selling pork with this chemical and were actually told not to leave their homes until the process was finished.  Wan Long the chairman of the company that sold the products the Shuanghui Group which has cost his company over 1.85 billion dollars!!  The pork was tainted with a chemical additive called Clenbuterol and in the United Sates McDonald’s uses ammonia to wash meat clean.

The FDA was negligent in their duties in the United States in particular last year in 2010,  when Wright County Egg through their filthy egg factory in Iowa was found guilty of producing salmonella poisoned eggs?  The owner Jack Lacosta did not even receive a fine, or a jail sentence but still is in operation -still selling millions of eggs to American consumers.

Where to Buy Safe Meat in the USA

Consumers can buy safe meat at local farmers markets where the farmer is a smaller independent producer and grows his own animals. Foods bought locally from farms are less likely to be tainted like the factory corporations that are destroying foods for Americans.  The regulations are not enough and the US government has to get serious about its own food and that of the health of Americans.

Buy Local – Buy from Farms you can visit yourself and buy local produce at Farmer’s markets each week.  Usually this will require the investment of a small freezer to stock up during certain times of the year but it is the only way to avoid getting deadly sick on the very food you eat everyday.

Rotten US Grade A Beef-now comes with MRSA-Infections


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This is your government at work -April 15, 2011

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It is all true folks, sadly the US food system has been taken over by corporate interests and the Obama-Tom Vilsack relationship needs to be investigated.

Russia, China and most EU nations are rejecting this deadly food and it will not only destroy the US reputation of quality, but will negatively and permanently destroy the US exports we so badly need.

This will in turn affect the job market, and the recovery of the nation, and if Obama can not see this, then he is part of the problem and should resign as President.

Obama is allowing this to happen not only in foods but also the Monsanto manipulation of seeds under flimsy patent claims.