US Increases Security for 14 Nations Travelers

Jan 4, 2009 – News Alert    Starting today the US Homeland and Security organizations have stepped up security measures on 14 countries’ travelers at every airport worldwide.

The Countries are:

If you look at this map all the terrorist countries have adjoining borders and relationships are thick with these countries. It is time that Saudi Arabia started spending some of that oil money on protecting the world from terrorists in its own country also.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Somalia and Yeman.

The world has become a less trusting one and the friendly skies are not going to be so friendly anymore.  Doors are shutting to terrorist countries that harbor or allow terrorists to run freely in their country.

Taliban Terrorists

These new measure take effect today Jan 4, 2010 and some critics of the war on terror indicate they should have been instituted years ago when this terrorism was allowed to grow their  army worldwide.  Already there have been three attacks on US soil that originated from Yemen and the group that is formed there are returnees from Guantanamo Bay who were released.

Traveling in 2010 in or from these nations  has become a more precarious business and passengers by air or any other method of travel will be subjected to:

A full body pat down, carry on luggage will be inspected, a possible body scan, metal detector checks,  other equipment and they may even check your underwear. Your passport just got more important as a travel documentation of where you have traveled in the past and it will be under scrutiny by airline officials.

You can’t really blame anybody for these new regulations except the terrorists themselves and the governments or associates who help fund the new attempts at attacking the US especially from Yemen.

The Obama administration is using exactly the right force to crackdown on these attempts and further action in Yemen is now underway to eradicate the groups from that country with the government of Yemen’s assistance.  Although that government was installed by the terrorist groups who live and breed terror in that country.

That would include travelers into the US from Canada and Mexico because there are great gaping holes in searches at one of the largest borders on earth.  The Canadian government which is currently enjoying a three month holiday thanks to the Prime Minister Stephen Harper will have to wake up to the fact that Canada is hosting the Winter Olympic Games  in a few weeks.  We do hope he goes back to work and protects Canadians from a possible terrorist attack in Vancouver before its too late.

An official from the Obama administration declared that ” “Out of abundance of caution and based on the latest intelligence in this evolving threat environment, additional screening measures are necessary to keep transportation safe”.

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