US Food Makers Drop GMO in Europe-Not the USA

US Food Makers Drop GMO in Europe-Not the USA

Friends of the Earth News Release:

In Washington, DC a survey released by Friends of the Earth reveals news that American consumers must pay attention to and demand safe food with NO GMO ingredients.

Major food makers such as:

Major U.S. Companies Drop Genetically Engineered Foods in Europe,

Citing Consumer Fears

Survey Says Kellogg, Coke, Pepsi, Kraft, Heinz, Others Add to Growing

List of Companies Going GE-Free – but not in U.S.

US Food Makers Drop GMO in Europe-Not the USA


US food makers have been forced to remove GMO by public demand and it will not be long if consumers demand it for GMO to be removed from US food completely.

US Food Makers Drop GMO in Europe-Not the USANo GMO in Europe- Just the USA

In fact in Europe organic crops dwarf GMO crops as Europe continues to ban, reject and protest against Monsanto GMO food and Dupont GMO food.


In the USA it is the no label laws in a reckless, lawless government that does not abide by the health needs of 320 million people that allows GMO in food undetected. In the USA a fraudulent system of corruption continues to poison human health with pesticides in foods and drinks as witnessed by the numerous recalls, food poisoning and skyrocketing health costs in hospitals.

The same manufacturers who produce food with GMO ingredients in the USA have dropped using GMO in foods of Europe. Most of these companies have lobbyists in Congress and keep GMO approved by the FDA and USDA through big money politics and influence peddling.

We all know the story. GMO is produced by Monsanto who in turn have operatives in the Obama administration, with a huge army of lobbyists and a lot of campaign donation cash.
Here are some highlights from

Quote 1:

“Washington, DC–Most leading companies supplying food and drink to European consumers are turning their backs on genetically engineered (GE) ingredients and derivatives, a new survey by Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE) today reveals. The survey’s publication coincides with the launch of a new campaign by FoEE groups in twenty-two countries across Europe calling for a halt to the genetically modified organism (GMO) pollution of food and the environment.
The survey shows that most of the top food manufacturers are aware of opposition to GMOs throughout Europe and have been forced to take action. The same companies in the U.S., however, have yet to make take similar action.”

“It’s only a matter of time before these companies are forced to make the same commitment to consumers here at home,” said Larry Bohlen, Safer Food -Safer Farms campaign director for Friends of the Earth, U.S. “If companies are feeling the heat from 22 European nations, wait until they start hearing from 50 American states.”


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