US Federal Judge Porteous Convicted

Dec. 8, 2010 US Federal Judge Porteous Convicted on four articles of Impeachment and he is disbarred and removed from his Federal Bench position finally.  This judge knew no boundaries between corruption, greed or truth and took full advantage of a trusted fiduciary position on behalf of the US government and made a mockery of justice in a federal court.

Judge G. Thomas Porteous  or former Judge Thomas Porteous was found guilty on four articles of accepting kick backs an dlying to the Senate and FBI.  Louisiana cannot wait to put this corrupt judge out of office and on the streets and disrobe him.

The mountain of evidence erupted during the trial and tales of other employees taking his cars in for repair and the tab was picked up by a bail bondsman named Louis Marcotte III.  In return, Judge Porteous gave Marcotte’s firm favorable bail.

Porteous also was found to have provided his lawyer friends with court jobs worth thousands of dollars and then took a cut of the money. That’s called bilking the government and is out and out corruption in the purest form.

The 64 year old judge is only one of 8 judges in history to be convicted and impeached in the nations history and he is forever barred from holding ANY office regarding trust, honor or profit in the United States said Senator Inouye during the hearing today.

However in cases of federal judge conviction not one of them goes to jail and they receive their entitlements of pension just the same as if they were not found guilty.  How is this justice for a man who lied, accepted bribes and was found to be out for his own gain?

For two  years since he was charged Porteous has been collecting his salary at full pay of $ 174,000.00 per year until his sentencing today. He was not working for this salary and when does the common man get their full salary while awaiting impeachment or disciplinary actions against them?  Porteous was the object of an FBI investigation in an operation called “Operation Wrinkle Robe” aiming to ferret out crooked judges.  Two other local judges were hauled off to jail with the same parties the Marcottes and another was taken off the bench by on the Louisiana Supreme Court bench.

Fat, Crooked Judge Gets Booted off the Federal Bench-Thomas Porteous-Justice for all
Fat, Crooked Judge Gets Booted off the Federal Bench-Thomas Porteous

Porteous had repeatedly committed perjury and signed his signature to false financial forms under oath betraying his own profession.  He then hid the cash and assets he received from lawyers who appeared in lawsuits in his courtroom.  The judge on the take got bottles of Absolut, coolers of shrimp, a Vegas bachelor party for his son, paid for gambling tabs at the casinos, envelopes of cash, expensive lunches and bribes including car repairs for free.

He also declined to recuse himself  (withdraw from) on cases where he had a direct tie or link to the lawyers involved in the case.  Porteous took the case and denied the rights of the public to a fair trial due to his own corruption and greed.

Porteous even lied about and filed for his own bankruptcy proceedings thereby relieving himself of debts, while continuing his lavish lifestyle and corrupt entitlement.

Porteous didn’t stop there and he defrauded a bank, by lying to get an extension on a bank loan!!  The Audacity of Corruption!!

There’s more.  On November 13, 2009 Porteous launched a lawsuit against the task force and claimed they were violating his Fifth Amendment Rights, by using his testimony which was supposedly giving him “immunity” in his case. Later in January 2010 the panel all voted to recommend impeachment against him under Four Articles of Impeachment the subject sbeing:

Article 1- engaging in a pattern of conduct that is incompatible with the trust in him as a Federal Judge. Passed in the House by a vote of 412 to 0.

Article II – engaged in a longstanding pattern of corrupt conduct that demonstrates his unfitness to serve as a United States District Court Judge – Passed the House by a vote of 410-0.

Article III – knowingly and intentionally making false statements, under penalty of perjury, related to his personal bankruptcy filing and violating a bankruptcy court order – Passed the House by a vote of 416-0.

Article IV – knowingly made material false statements about his past to both the United States Senate and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in order to obtain the office of United States District Court Judge – Passed the House by a vote of 423-0. ( see Wikipedia)

Porteous was nominated by Bill Clinton on the US District Court of Louisiana in 1994 and confirmed by the US Senate in the same year.

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