US Drones Monitoring Killings in Syria

US Drones Monitoring Killings in Syria

The US Pentagon state that it is sending over drones to gather evidence of the Assad military assault on the Syrian people to make a case against his regime.

The US if flying unmanned planned to fly reconnaissance missions over Syria monitoring and recording the crackdown brutal slaying of Assad’s own citizens which doesn’t seem to matter much to him in his grasp of power.

The Syrian rebellion which started out as a peaceful protest is now in its 11 th straight month of violence, and the death count may well be up to 3000 people.

Everyday more deaths are recorded by the “military regime and Assad” will fight to the bitter end but so will the rebels who want democracy.

Syria is being aided militarily by the partnership of Iran and Russia  which is causing international disagreements throughout the United Nations.

The UN which passed a resolution with 137 countries condemning Assad’s assault on unarmed civilians while Russia continues to sell weapons and arms to the dictatorship for a continued extended civil war.

It is certain that Syria represents importance for Russia and Iran to take a stand and help fight against a possible international intervention to remove Assad from power.  However, it is the military power in Syria that runs the country as he has stated. As in Egypt when you remove a dictatorship, you must remove the military power.

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