Update on Mubarak’s Stolen Billions

Feb. 5, 2011  Updated on Mubarak’s stolen billions of dollars from US foreign aid (bribery money) over the past 30 years we had reported on ….. that it was estimated at 40 billion in stolen money from the Egyptian people.

We were wrong in our previous article -our apologies.  It is more like double that an estimated 80 billion or more -who knows how much money he has swindled while in office as the dictator President of Egypt.

Similar to all the other dictators taking a dive these days including the Ali Family who were thrown out of Tunisia they all live high on the hog, lavish homes, private jets, furs, jewels and enough cash to feed an army all thanks to the United States government.

Both Democrats and Republican parties in office since 1981 have financed (bribed) and paid for the Mubarak’s amassed wealth now estimate at 80 or 90 billion dollars, but who’s counting.

This means that the following Presidents all copied what their predecessors did and gave Pres. Mubarak approximately 2 billion dollars in aid that ended up exactly as it did in Haiti, it was stolen from the people.

The Presidents of the United States that carried on this tradition of bribery are:

Jimmy Carter  1977- 1981   A Democrat  4 yrs

Ronald Reagan 1981-1989  Republican    8 yrs

George Bush Senior 1989-1993 Republican  4 yrs

Bill Clinton 1993-2001  Democrat    8 yrs

George Bush Junior 2001 -2008  Republican    8 yrs

and last of all

Barack Obama 2008- to present day-  Democrat   3 yrs

All of these US Presidents followed the same line of foreign aid to Egypt’s dictator Hosni Mubarak. Not one of these US leaders stopped the flow of money to Egypt’s bribe a dictator program and not one of them objected to it.

The money of course all is borrowed from China to fund a dictator which is getting more American’s angrier by the day.

The Mubarak Dynasty was Expected to Live Forever from Father to Son

The Mubarack Dynasty Expected to Live Forever on US Dime-Egypt's Carringtons
The Mubarack Dynasty Expected to Live Forever on US Foreign Aid

Photo Courtesy of Cris Bouroncle/AFP/Getty Images

The United States government have bankrolled President Mubarak his wife and his two sons who were slated by Mummy Mubarak to take over from Daddy Mubarak when he got too tired of lifting pardon the pun, all that cash around the world.

The Mubarak family accumulated great wealth at the expense of impoverishing his own country, turning his back on people who have been starving and denied a growing economy for a lifetime.  Instead of investing in Egypt the Greedy Mubarak Dynasty were self-absorbed in a corrupt system which allowed for their backroom deals to become the wealthiest dictators of the gulf region.

After all 80 billion dollars for an 82 year old man, is not a bad heist and that works out to almost 1 billion dollars for each year of his life.  We do not need to outline it in black and white but the US Foreign Affairs Program of Funding Dictators will come to a screeching halt because of a dictator by the name of Hosni Mubarak.

The reason Mubarak will not leave is because he wanted to ensure his son would take over the gravy train of foreign aid money they could continue to steal from the people.  That has all come to an end and his son announced today that he would not run in the next election but those are just promises to make the protesters go away.

Source: The Guardian UK World News

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Meet the Mob: Obama, Mubarak, Netanyahu -The Mob Dictators
Meet the Mob: Obama, Mubarak, Netanyahu -The Mob Dictators

Where did Hosni Mubarak get that kind of money you ask?  From the USA of course.

As a senior military officer Mubarak would have to have earned 1 billion dollars a year as an Egyptian senior official which is highly unlikely.

Where is the Money?

The money is stashed away in secret bank accounts in Swiss Banks, US Banks ( yes American Banks), British Banks, Scotland and mostly any country of the world has money in it’s banks from the Mubarak Dynasty.

The money was also invested in premium real estate in California’s Rodeo Drive and very expensive properties in New York City. Real estate investments are also in the United Kingdom and other gulf countries including Dubai.  The family travels in private jets whenever they travel and purchase expensive items at a whim.

As President of Egypt a prestigious position,  Mubarak along with corporations had access to private investment schemes and secret deals which netted him even more wealth.

Meet the mob, the mob of the international fraternal society of corruption in government and billionaires amongst friends.

The two sons Gamal and Alaa are already billionaires also and they live in lavish homes throughout the world which exhibits their greed and unethical robbery of foreign aid money for themselves from their parents.

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