Tucson Funerals of Victims

Jan. 13, 2011 Tucson Funerals of Victims of the violent shootings Jan. 8th, 2011 are being held now in Tucson Arizona including putting to rest the 9 year old girl that was killed Christina Taylor Green who was born on Sept. 11, 2001.  Last night the President arrived in Tucson to memorialize the victims and the heroes of the shootings especially Christina Green.

President Obama a father of two young girls himself was particularly touched and spoke to Christina’s beliefs in America as he said “we should do everything we can do to make sure we live up to our children’s expectations”.

The President spoke words that heal, and he answered the violence with the heartbreak of hope comforting the residents and 16,000 people who gathered at the memorial service and he achieved two things: brilliance and courage.

The speech was a memorial address and the second part was rebuking the people who had blamed others.  Obama reclaimed this moment to the heroes and victims and celebrated their lives.

He spoke of civility -“the loss of these wonderful people should make us strive to be better people” their deaths may usher in civility and only a more civil honest public discourse will make us stronger as a nation”.

Friends, family relatives and supportive people neighbors, business owners whether they knew the victims or not are gathering in church to honor the victims.  Many supporters including the angel action group are gathering to prevent the Westboro Church who wanted to protest the funerals are wearing huge angel wings to form a protective shield against the protesters.

Since Christina was born on 9/11, 2001 several fire trucks arrived with a huge flag recovered from the World Trade Center to be raised in her honor.  Christina Green was born on a day of extreme violence in America and she died 9 years later at the hands of violence from an American. This speaks to the violence in America and speaks to the safety of gun laws in the United States which has in the last nine years become a divided issue from right and left in politics.  In Canada there are 3 classes of guns: restricted, non-restricted and prohibited and concealed weapons are prohibited and you have to register with the federal government to get a gun.

The United States has the most liberal gun laws in the world and in comparison to other countries have the most violence committed by gun owners. Similarly to Mexico where guns are rampantly used in drug wars arrive from the United States.  In Australia you can get a gun license if you provide a genuine reason why you need one, self defense does not cut it in Australia gun laws.

In Brazil the minimum age to get a gun is 25 years of age and permits to carry a gun are very hard to get.  It is apparent that guns are too readily available in the USA and this should be re-examined by its government.

It speaks volumes for the progress this country has not made and the efforts of some in politics to spread hate, anger and call for violence against political figures.  As the saying goes: violence begets violence and nothing good comes from violence for it meets no end to humanity except destruction.

As many have praised the President’s speech others in the media chose to worry about their own skins. Sarah Palin used the occasion to complain that her reputation was tarnished by mouthing more words that were based in hatred for the Jewish faith.

Those words were : blood libel.  It is unknown who wrote the speech for Sarah Palin or if she came up with the destructive words herself. However, the anger that Palin spread in the transcript and taped video publicized just hours before the President landed in Tucson was a political stunt that backfired.

The Flag that flies for Christina Green who was born on September 11, 2001.

World Trade Center Flag Flies For Christina Green in Tucson Arizona
World Trade Center Flag Flies For Christina Green in Tucson Arizona

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