TSA Scanners Up In The Air

The Electronic Privacy Information Center is suing the TSA for the body scanners that travelers face in the USA, for privacy invasiveness, lack of effectiveness, and the failure for the agency to conduct radiation independent studies.

Original Post: April 3, 2012, Revised: August 21, 2012 Due to removal of a YouTube Video we referred to in this article. 

The EPIC want the scanner program suspended until a full audit and review of the risks to people’s health for heavy use of radiation on security checks.

TSA Body Scanners Up In The AirTSA Refuses to Allow Independent Studies of Radiation Levels of Scanning Machines

TSA Scanners have been under fire ever since a former George Bush appointee, became the Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff, in the Obama administration and who makes money on the Rapiscan machines. In 2010, it was later revealed that Chertoff was promoting his clients scanners and profiting from government procurement contracts. (Huff Post

These scanners are assured to be safe by Homeland Security, but some scientists do not believe they are safe. The Transportation Security Administration will not make them available for independent studies on the radiation emitted on the bodies of Americans. The TSA assures Americans that the scanners are “evaluated” by the FDA, NIS and various agencies not one that is independent. 

Either Groping or Radiation, That’s Your Choice in a TSA World

Those who object to the full-body scans are subject to enhanced pat-downs and extremely invasive manual checks. “Every time the TSA is pressed on [health risk concerns], they always point to studies that they have arranged with other federal agencies, [refusing] to allow independent experts to make their own evaluation,” says Marc Rotenberg,…More at Lawsuit Seeks Halt to TSA’s Use of Full-Body Scanners at Airports amid Safety Concerns

Children Growing Up in a TSA World – imagine a child that grows up in a TSA world, thinking this is normal. 

The TSA Scanners are up for a critical analysis on InfoWars where scientific evidence has proven that the airport body scanners are worthless. As YouTube videos are being removed we will continue to post more videos after internet censorship now requires us to do so.  

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