Pediatrican Exposes Truth In Vaccine Damage

Vaccine Safety Part 1

You rarely find doctors who will speak the truth about vaccines and if they do they are quickly made an example of by the drug cartels in the United States. The pharmaceuticals have for years banned any investigating of the proof of their false claims that vaccines which are filled with carcinogens are healthy.
No one believes this anymore and as a result there is a more viral anti- vaccine revolution than ever before. A revolution based on the junk science, the harmful ingredients and the false information promoted by the corruption in the media.

Conflicts of interest are not investigated by the FTC and since they did a lousy job of Wall Street you can expect them to roll along with whatever the pharmas say about their products which are invalid. The government has been aligned with the pharmas for quite some time now but that is all going to change very soon.

Dr. Larry Palevsky who is a pediatrician doctor trained at the New York School of Medicine who states clearly that the scientific studies are flawed on vaccine safety. Dr. Larry Palevsky reports these facts:

Quote ” … and it became clearer to me as I read the research, listened to more and more parents, and found other practitioners who also shared the same concern that vaccines had not been completely proven safe or even completely effective, based on the literature that we have today.

… It didn’t appear that the scientific studies that we were given were actually appropriately designed to prove and test the safety and efficacy.

It also came to my attention that there were ingredients in there that were not properly tested, that the comparison groups were not appropriately set up, and that conclusions made about vaccine safety and efficacy just did not fit the scientific standards that I was trained to uphold in my medical school training.” Quote.

See Dr. Mercola’s Interview with Dr. Palevsky’s findings.

It is up to the consumer to investigate the truth about vaccine damage and the facts are laid out in Dr. Mercola’s summary of Dr. Palevsky’s findings. Dr. Palevsky indicates that studies on vaccine damage to children’s immune systems are not being studied at all.  There are no studies also on if and when vaccines cause cancer -there are carciogens in vaccines but there are not a one study that proves they are safe and do not cause cancer.  None whatsoever.  What does this tell you really?  The Gardasil vaccine

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Vaccine Studies Part 2:


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