Trust in Obama’s Government

Nov. 7, 2010 Trust in Obama’s government – showed in the mid-term election results but the democrats still do not get it.  The Democrat liberal faction are dissing him since he did not produce a universal health care system.  The Obama plan double dealt from the bottom of the deck favoring corporate interests not that of Main Street America.

As 2010 progressed and the heated year debating health care reform, people were losing jobs by the millions. The war was escalated, investment in job creation were trashed.  The Dems lost track of their priorities namely health care means little without a job. The bill will not kick in for several more years and did not produce immediate gains or benefit anyone.

Reforming the Obama Health Care Bill

If republicans think they can reform the health care bill to favor insurance companies, drug companies and corporate interests, they are sadly mistaken.

The republicans on the right do not want to reform health care at all leaving it to the insurance companies to keep raising the price of health care coverage. A divided government is the result of Obama’s reversal on his campaign promises.  People got wise fast that those democrats who designed the health care bill were actually receiving payback from drug, insurance and corporate interests in campaign donations.

The promise of universal health care, a line by line veto of pork projects or reducing spending, gay rights on don’t ask don’t tell, the prisoners trials at Guantanamo, ending the war in Iraq instead of expanding the military in Afghanistan -no wonder there was a tsunami against the Democrats.

But mostly people voted for their freedoms, the freedom to chose what health care programs they want or need and health itself.  They voted against the government agencies that are interfering with the food supply, they voted against corporate special interest lobbyists that buy political favor.

Financial Reform by Obama Lacked Transparency and Trust

They voted against the wall street bailouts while Main Street crumbled.  They voted for Obama because he made many campaign promises that almost appeared believable.  But mostly they voted for a dream-the American dream destroyed by banks, investment firms that illegally wrecked havoc on the world financial markets and caused a world-wide depression.

Government Lies - Government Trust-Politicol News
Government Lies - Government Trust-Politicol News

The bill sponsored by Democrat Chris Dodd does not regulate the big banks and exempts insurers and attorneys from and Dodd who has ties to the big corporate insurance companies in Connecticut exempt created many loopholes for his buddies. American deserved better than this bill and again trust was broken by the democrats protecting corporate interest not the people’s business.

The financial reform bill brought forth had no teeth and was too soft on criminal activity and people detested the fact that Obama hired Timothy Geithner who has ties to Wall Street banks.  People voted against Obama because not one CEO was punished or put in jail although Main Street screamed for justice.  They protested on Wall Street in front of AIG and Wall Street but Obama did not hear the calls for justice. The same players are devising new financial instruments of fraud, deceit and scams today and not much was changed by Obama’s financial reform.  While the Republicans first order of business is to dismantle the health care reform bill they are paying little attention to the financial bill since it has very little value in prevention against scams.

What followed in 2010 was a scam perpetrated under Obama’s watch, that allowed banks to foreclose on massive number of homes with illegal documents used to throw people out of their homes. Obama fell asleep at the wheel on this and he promised to protect homeowners against ruthless foreclosure rules and he supposedly asked for a thorough review of anyone facing foreclosures which did not happen.

On the health front the FDA and Obama issued a State of Emergency for the Swine Flu which was a farce and over blown by pharmaceuticals selling H1N1 vaccines.  The pandemic Obama referred to never materialized and the FDA, CDC and NIH ensured that states used the Emergency plan of Homeland security legislation to force people to be jabbed with an untested vaccine through fear, intimidation and threats of job loss if people did not comply.

This was the disaster of collusion with drug companies that continued in 2009 and made the pharma’s billions of dollars for a useless vaccine that no one would take or give to their children.  Rightly people did their own research and found that the H1N1 vaccine was more lethal than the flu itself and health care workers in New York took the NY State to court and won against a tyrannical government law to force vaccines on the public.

If Republicans, Tea Party candidates and Democrats want to save money they must stop funding the pharmaceuticals with billions of dollars for useless vaccines.  People do not want untested vaccines and 90 percent of the public in a recent poll have severe concerns about their safety.

The overhaul of the FDA’s power against the freedoms of Americans is overdue and the new Supplement Legislation proposed to give the FDA more power is ill-conceived and not what Americans voted for or want.  They don’t want big government forcing people to buy GMO foods which are unlabeled, they rail against anyone who want to impose factory foods which are unsafe and they are disgusted with the lack of food safety on their dinner tables at night.  People are fed up with the FDA’s collusion with drug company’s, they are fed up with the Department of Agriculture promoting GMO foods for Monsanto and they are fed up with corporate control of their government.

There are many reasons why the trust of Obama is at an all time low, because he double deals the public’s trust, he reneged on promises, he favored corporate interests and he protects the interests of corporation that donate to his campaign.

Obama lost his honor -he has lost the trust of Americans and a shellacking is only the beginning if he does not turn the ship around by 2012 he will not get a second chance.

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The Trust in government each year erodes and crumbles when politicians make corporate interest their priority, when they cheat the very promises and self implode the trust that voters gave at the ballot box.  As history serves us with amply lessons people judge and grant trust to those politicians that actually and earnestly work for the people not themselves.

Today politicians will quickly be called to the carpet and voted out as fast as they were blessed with the public’s trust and must heed the warning ” do the public’s business – or get the hell out of office”.  People do not trust the government, and will act swiftly if their needs are not met and their freedoms are messed with in any way.

In a speech Obama gave in 2007 -the Promise of Audacity failed to materialize in 2010:

Quote ” “Too often the American people don’t know who Washington is working for, and when they find out, they don’t like what they hear. . . . We’re not going to be able to change America unless we challenge the culture that has dominated Washington for far too long. And that means shining a bright light on how Washington works.”

[Speech in New Hampshire, 9/4/2007]
”  end quote.