Tricky Nixon- Tricky Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney could have released his taxes in January, 2012 or even the fall of 2011 during the GOP primary campaign for the nomination.

Why Didn’t Romney Release His Taxes Last Year During the GOP Primaries

At that time, the other republican candidates would have attacked him that’s true, but it would not have been as damaging to the campaign as it is now in the summer, a very slow media season.

By waiting too long Mitt Romney has the entire political elite of the republicans, the media, the democrats and the public demanding he release his tax returns. The media coverage is relentless, and unforgiving take the case of high profile murder trials such as the Zimmerman case, the Casey Anthony trial or as in the Democrats new ad, the Case of Richard Nixon lying to Americans about the Watergate investigation.

Is Romney a Modern Day Richard Nixon

Tricky Richard Nixon another disaster Republican President, initiated an operation to break into a hotel where Democrat National Committee headquarters in the 1970’s, to obtain intelligence on the Democratic Party. It was a large operation with wiretapping of phones, break-ins and an investigation by the FBI. The entire mess cost Nixon his Presidency and later, 43 persons including his close aides were indicted and convicted of crimes.

The Nixon tape recordings of his own conversations showed he tried to cover it up, but was later impeached and he resigned in August 1974.

Romney is running on this Bain Capital Business experience, but he now claims he wasn’t running Bain for three years, he won’t admit that he was the CEO of the company he presents on his Resume for President. 

The American public need to know if they are voting for another Richard Nixon and the similarities are perilously similar, Mitt Romney is secretive, hides his money off shore, won’t discuss his investments, tried to clean some of his contentious investments like Iran Oil companies in his 2010, 2011 tax returns but he’s obviously hiding something very major.

Certainly in these economic depressive times, the country doesn’t need to elect a criminal into the White House. The chances of Mitt Romney being elected are currently 50- 50 in most polls today.

If Romney does succeed, his Presidency will most likely end up like Richard Nixon’s term, since his candidacy is hanging on a cliff even before the RNC nomination is formalized at their convention.

In speaking of the RNC convention, that will certainly be a very low-luster event, since Romney doesn’t even have the pull in his own party. Republicans are embarrassed, fearful and are spending millions attempting to defend him in the media ads from the Democrats. (Like this one below)

Mitt Romney is Vetting his Vice President but Won’t be Vetted Himself

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has not picked a running mate Vice-President and it is only months before the Republican National Convention. The skillful Romney team, are actually vetting candidates for the Vice-President’s position in his run for the White House. Romney has made public that he is vetting Marco Rubio, and other considerations are Tim Pawlenty, Bobbie Jindal however Chris Christie is not accepting a VP position.

Oddly, Mitt Romney won’t allow the public to vet him, but he’s ensuring that his VP pick won’t bring any more harm to his self-imploded campaign.