Toyota Avoided Recalls Saved 100 Million Dollars

Feb. 22, 2010 Recent reports show that Toyota Automobile avoided recalls to save money, lots of money. The recalls and subsequent inspections would have prevented accidents and death in some cases.

Over one hundred million dollars was saved in recalls by Toyota Corporation by preventing information about their known defects since 2007 and avoiding inspections. 

The manufacturers is in deeper trouble every day another black news report puts more anger in consumers and more fear in its CEO.

Today it was leaked that a document that Toyota issued has stated it “saved 100 million dollars on the recalls “ and it has been released today Feb. 22, 2010. This has some indication that Toyota tried to avoid a costly recall and has yet to recall its vehicles for computer malfunctioning which has not been checked and Toyota has not recalled its vehicles for a computer check or verified its computer systems are working properly.

Toyota brand looks sexy but are they safe vehicles?

Many say that the corporation will not recover from the news coming out regarding its brand although Toyota is spending millions on advertising that it has fixed the problems and they are dedicated to safety.

For 5 months Toyota has denied problems in its braking system and blamed it first on driver error in spite of a police officer and his family being killed in a Toyota car last fall. Then the executives decided to blame the braking problem on a phony carpet problem. The whole attempt at fixing its own defects was wrong from the approach that Toyota took and the nerve to suggest drivers are the problem. When you keep in mind that this acceleration problem also happened in other countries.

Toyota’s President Akio Toyoda will appear in front of a congressional committee to explain his failures to address the massive vehicle defects and why Toyota decided to save 100 million dollars instead of fixing their cars.

A document with the title “ Wins For Toyota – Safety Group” almost flaunts the tactical error of listing items that Toyota saved money on by avoiding recalls, avoiding inspections and delaying the process of ensuring their vehicles are safe.

The document was presented by the US Boss Yoshi Inaba in July 2009 for an internal corporate presentation. Therefore Mr. Yoshi Inaba was praising himself for saving his company over 100 million dollars by preventing recalls. This is blasting and damming evidence that Toyota is not only arrogantly snubbing regulations and basic safety in motor vehicle manufacturing but also boasting about their ability to fool regulators in the United States.

The other blame must be placed on the failures of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration run by the US Government has failed to inspect the safety of Toyota vehicles. What congress must determine is also the lack of inspection of foreign products, which was obviously overlooked by the NHTSA.

If you took a look at the website:

there is no warning on steering, on brakes and the page seems to indicate Toyota has a carpet problem. The page is dated Sept. 29, 2009 and says “ Toyota Owners are cautioned about floor mats and Accelerator Pedal Interference”. This applies to all Toyota models across the board because the company tried to hide these defects there is no assurance that all vehicles do not have defects. The NHTSA has not even updated their website.

The investigation should include the documents that the NHTSA did their job and can they produce copies of inspections on Toyota vehicles from 2007 to 2010. Congress should establish where the NHTSA did not do proper inspections and tests on Toyota vehicles.

Although Toyota must accept 100 percent of their product and their specifications to suppliers it has not done so legally. Many lawsuits will quickly eat up the 100 million dollars they saved in avoiding recalls and blaming the defects on cheaper methods such as blaming carpets.

It was far cheaper for Toyota to postpone, divert and deny a recall was necessary last fall by blaming their own customers. The Toyota executives decided to save the company -money. The corporation purposefully distracted from the more serious problems by suggesting a cheaper fix like carpets or a small metal shim could solve the problem by blocking the brake system. The part cost was pennies.

It is easy to save a corporation 100 million dollars like Yoshi did, but did it cost Toyota billions by crossing the line and even committing criminal fraud that caused the deaths of Americans?


4 thoughts on “Toyota Avoided Recalls Saved 100 Million Dollars”

  1. Totally agree Jack- have to say they got away with it long enough to earn the profits to pay for their deeds. Any corporate entity -my gosh they are now declared human thanks to our Supreme Court should be legally responsible for their defective products.
    Now if President Obama was a real man -he would do the same with the drug company’s but unfortunately -they pay him far too well.
    But his day of reckoning is coming too.


  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to find one or more NHTSA people complicit in this coverup. Toyota should be punished severely for this, as should any corporation, American or Foreign. The sad thing is they had an opportunity to look good to the public by dong a voluntary recall. It’s not like they couldn’t afford to do it. I don’t want to see Toyota go away, but I hope buyers back off and try Honda, Nissan, Ford or GM, etc. This would be the best way to send a message to the next would-be corporate FELON.

  3. Yes we are listening to the denials live on CNN, he is denying and promising to do better, and its funny how he switches to Japanese when he has a difficult question, this is an insult because the guy was educated in a California university, and speaks perfect English. This is a sham and congress needs to toughen up on these corporate liars. They are not addressing the computer problems and won’t spend the money to correct it. So you will still have a Defective Toyota car….to sell it back to them.


  4. Mr Toyoda may be honorable but his direct reports are liars and coverup artists. Maybe it is culture but people have died because of their actions. Why isn’t Mr Inaba who is testifying today fired for his boasting?

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