BP This was not Our Accident

June 18, 2010 This was not our accident. Statements made by Tony Hayward on June 3, 2010 in an interview. Two months after the April 20th, 2010 BP’s own CEO Tony Hayward denies this was their accident.

Mr. Bean Quits US Oil Leak Clean Up for BP Oil

Tony Hayward’s mindset has never changed even during yesterday’s congressional hearings, Hayward still does not accept responsibility for the explosion and blames other parties such as Halliburton, and Deep Water Horizon who owned the rig that BP leased. During the investigatory hearing Hayward said ” there are four other responsible parties” when answering a question on whether BP was responsible for the explosion – he did not accept the responsibility but said ” we are deeply sorry” which means nothing to those affected on hundreds of miles of the US shoreline.  This was not our accident a likely defense they will use for the numerous lawsuits against BP oil.

As a lessor of equipment in any contract there are legal clauses that if by the mis-use of or malpractice of the operator (meaning BP) and if the lessor causes an acicdnet such as when you rent a car, you are responsible for all damages, including the car or in this case- the rig. But this was not BP’s accident.

It was BP’s decision to disobey regulatory best practices of oil drilling and it was BP who decided they did not need an shut off valve.  Many European countries demand a shut off valve and / or a back up system or an acoustic trigger such as in Brazil and Norway.  But again- this was not their accident. But knowing BP Oil the acoustic trigger probably would have failed also because they would never buy one or maintain it properly anyway.

Tony Hayward  own words:

In terms of responsibility  I want to be very clear about this, this was not our accident.

But it is our responsibility to deal with the leak and to clear up the oil.

We take that very, very seriously. That is absolutely what we are going to do.

Tony Hayward vowed to clean up the oil. He failed.  Tony Hayward said this was not our leak.  The response plan is the response plan we filed and so far  its successful.

There is no oil forecast to be on the shore.

We are really ramping up the on shore defenses.

We are apply chemical dispersents at the sea bed.

Tony Hayward’s Responses during the Congressional Hearing June 17, 2010 after taking an oath to tell the truth:

I am not prepared to speculate.

I am afraid I was not involved in the decision making.

I don’t know.

I wasn’t there when it happened.

I can’t answer that.

Day 61 and the oil keeps on gushing into the Gulf- 60,000 barrels more were added today alone. Each and every day there are 60,000 more barrels of oil.  Tony Hayward’s comments have been very disturbing to the people of Louisiana and BP has failed to stop the leak, has failed to stop the oil from spreading to shore, and has failed to pay restitution to business owners, and has failed to fight the oil before it gets to the shores of the United States.

Tens of thousands of jobs were lost, people have lost their businesses, homes, and lifestyle. The economy is devastated in four major US states, and the fight goes on to stop the damage from the spill and stop the oil -Americans are doing that job themselves.

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