Tom Vilsack-Shirley Sherrod is Quiting You

Tom Vilsack-Shirley Sherrod is Quiting You

Feb. 26, 2011  Update: Tom Vilsack’s Department of Agriculture a Failed Mess of Corporate Farms and Racism

In a live televised press announcement Tom Vilsack just appeared on CNN with Shirley Sherrod to announce she is quitting him and the Dept. of Agriculture. The DOA is doing nothing about lysteria in sandwich meats sold at Walmart and no testing is done on these imported food products.

After the media circus caused by the Dept. of Agriculture’s firing of Shirley Sherrod after a video tape of her speaking at an NAACP where it was reported she made racist remarks.
Before the confirmation of this tape it was reported to be handed down from the Whitehouse, to Tom Vilsack to Shirley that she should quit her job immediately.

Shirley was in a car driving miles away from home was ordered to pull over the side of the road and quit her job from her supervisor.  The firing was not only ill advised, contrary to human resource best practices but it was down right dangerous to Shirley.

Imagine your on a business trip in a car driving in traffic hundreds of miles from home base and your boss tells you to pull over and quit your job with no reasons given -no response to the allegations and no reason or discussion.  Just – quit your job – now.

The average person would have a heart attack or it would have caused an accident if Shirley was in the thick of traffic.

This is just one example of how badly the US government works over at Agg, but this incompetence permeates all the agencies under Obama.  The Whitehouse is tripping over itself trying to avoid any attention from Fox News that it has lost sight of how to handle the negatives.  Perhaps Obama’s advisory group should give themselves a good shake now and think smart -not fast.

For Shirley Sherrod who was forced to quit -coming back to such an irresponsible and failed Dept of Agriculture is not as tempting to her.

The Dept of Agriculture is supposedly in charge of Agriculture and farms like the Wright County Egg Company that caused 550 million eggs to be unleashed on unsuspecting Americans.

The Dept of Agriculture is now responsible for their connections for political gain to the large corporate farms that produce the filth in the food supply and it starts on the farm.  The sanitary inspections or investigations in to the feed of livestock, the health of American livestock has never been so poor as it is today.

The quality of food in the US rivals the standards of Nigeria known for a pathetic food supply infested with bacteria, viral diseases and lack nutrition.

The US and Nigeria have much in common because of high poverty levels most high nutrition foods are very expensive. This leaves the poor to purchase the cheaper forms such as cheap eggs from Wright Country Eggs that contain salmonella poisoning.

As with Nigeria the vulnerable are children, single mothers, pregnant women, the elderly and poorer young children who comprise 60 percent of Nigeria’s population and the same figure for Americans are malnourished.  Nigeria foods have caused deficiencies which cause diseases like TB, Malaria, Whooping Cough and it is because of the food quality.
Food borne illnesses are consistently in the foods Americans eat every day and there is very little trust in buying factory farm foods that are altered to include pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified foods.  It is time for scientists to get out of our food and stop modifying natural wholesome foods.

Glass Shards Found in Walmart Foods-October 2010

Currently today Walmart has been serving up listeria in their lunch meats which again is another recall every day.  The Food and Drug Administration has the capacity to stop the degrading of the food supply.  They have the capacity to inspect Walmart but they do not.

Lysteria bacteria triggers a miscarriage in a pregnant woman and also results in still born babies. 380,000 pounds of deli meats sold at Wal-Mart across the country is being recalled currently on the shelves.  The meat came from Zemco Industries in Buffalo, NY.
Another Massive Food Recall-Sandwich Meats from WalMart

In the US farm factory foods are sold cheaply because they do not provide nutrition but rather infect the consumer with diseases now. These are the products you see at big box stores, the Wal-marts, the Sam’s Clubs that all buy big volume from factory farm corporations. WalMart imports more cheap Chinese food products than any other big box stores in America. Walmart does not test these foods before they are put on their shelves to be sold to Americans.

Even the smaller food chains buy these tainted products under a large number of phony company names.  if the Dept of Agriculture wises up they would forbid any corporate farm to have numerous labels for their products to confuse the consumer.

Labeling is a good place to start -a clear source of food must accompany the product and the consumer has a right to know the following:

1) Where the food was produced- what the Company name really is and the location.

?2) Where the feed came from that the plant or animal was raised.

?3) What are the additives to the food product, what chemicals are added.

?4) Whether the food was raised genetically modified or naturally.

?5) What pesticides or drugs were used to grow the food.

?6) What color or dyes were used to make the food marketable.

The list goes on and on but the US has to clean up their agencies to produce quality food -not filthy, infested plastic foods that are stripped of all nutrients in the food production process.

Shirley Sherrod does not have to worry about all of the sicknesses at the Department of Agriculture anymore and she is free from the incompetence of Tom Vilsack.  Shirley Sherrod expressed her goals to help the poorer farmers be they black or white.  Poorer farmers are being squeezed out by larger corporate farms and the take over is the key issues to the capacity for the US to grow healthy foods for Americans.

Perhaps Shirley Sherrod knows better.  She knows that as long as Obama hires the friends of corporate greed, the department will never change. Tom Vilsack should resign -not Shirley Sherrod in fact Shirley has the capacity to take over the roll of Secretary and be an effective leader of change.

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Vilsack all alone at the Top of Agriculture Mess
Vilsack all alone at the Top of Agriculture Mess



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