The Today Show-The New Morning Drug Cartel

What ever happened to truth in journalism? NBC has lost all of its moral obligation to viewers -instead they are the new drug dealers of the morning networks. How anyone could give this woman any credibility is beyond belief.

You have to watch this crazed woman Dr. Nancy Sniderman of the NBC Today Show as in her desperate attempt to “sell” an untested and dangerous Swine Vaccine.  “Get Your Damn Vaccine!!! ” she yells out…in a frothing, foaming attempt to push those drugs out, instill fear and false information.

Its just what you need with your morning organic decaffineated  coffee.  Have a hit of viagra, or have some Fosimax -you need some of that drug that will rot your bones. Nice going NBC- you have made it to the honor of being the new Drug Cartel of network television. But one truth still holds in this country – drug pushers usually get busted.

How lovely is it for Americans to wake up to their morning drug dealer pushing drugs in those lovely expensive ad campaigns for drugs that don’t work. The new FTC rules on using celebrities to hawk your snake oil should wake you up to the false claims that you are broadcasting daily. Network television has truly gone to the dogs and the gotcha type interviews just don’t cut it anymore and please tell Dr. Nancy to “pop a pill honey” she sounds so desperate for people to take that Swine Flu Shot.

You can’t give this dangerous vaccine away for free -no one is going to take it. It is odd Sniderman during this taping -does not mention the word side effects once in relation to the H1N1 Vaccine. That word seems to have dropped out of her vocabulary permanently. What she fails to tell the American public is that this is not your regular flu shot and is full of carcinogens that will destroy a person’s immune system forever.

It is becoming a dog and pony show as Letterman would say-NBC has become the No. 1 Network for The Drug Cartel. More drug ads than every before and corporate profits have taken the place of ethical advertising and journalism.

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3 thoughts on “The Today Show-The New Morning Drug Cartel”

  1. What happened to the “Swine Flu is not like what you think, it’s even worse”? I even heard about it undergoing mutation or whatever…

  2. More than likely due to its ingredients the Swine Flu vaccine will kill more people than the swine flu itself.
    People are not “buying into the hype” reported by the media every day they are pounding out stories
    of how the swine flu is spreading like wild fire…its all a bunch of hype.

    Its not spreading, its not deadly, you will be sick for 3 days, you will not die…take some organic chicken soup and mazza balls
    and you will be fine. We should all have a Jewish mother…to make us really good chicken soup., you don’t fight the swine flu
    with a cancer vaccine.

    it just doesn’t make any sense and its not healthy.

    thanks for your comment.

  3. There is truth in freedom from sensationalism, that’s why people believed swine flu is the next ailment to kill millions of people.

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