To what incident or group of incidents do you date the beginning of the current toxic state of US politics?

Let me preface this by stating that yes, I know about the campaign of 1828, etc… I'm not claiming US politics has always been warm and fuzzy, but during the Twentieth Century, it became relatively sedate.

President Reagan famously said, "We can disagree without being disagreeable".

Obviously something happened to change that mindset.

To what incident or incidents do you attribute this change?


7 thoughts on “To what incident or group of incidents do you date the beginning of the current toxic state of US politics?”

  1. there’s to many variables to determine one main reason. I think the invention of nuclear weapons had a big role in the changes in foreign politics, along with changing the domineer of most American citizens to the “im better then you” attitude. eventually creating an even bigger split between our political groups, which will eventually be completely different and (in my opinion) lead us to another civil war. Lets hope not thou

  2. The Religious Right turned politics into a holy war in the 1980’s and upped the rhetoric in the early 90’s.

  3. The simple fact is that humans as a species thrive on adversity. We have competitive natures and we all want to be right. The political climate in this country has never really changed and many election and administrations have faced great criticism both just and unjust. I do not believe that the political climate has changed significantly. What has changed is access to information. We now live in the age of the 24 hour news cycle and have pretty much unlimited access to the opinions and ideas of others as well immediate communication of those ideas in real time. So what has changed is not how people view or respond to politics, but rather our exposure to the wider scale of political opinion.

  4. 1948

    WWII ended a few years earlier and the US felt it was now “parent” to all the world.

    Israel declared its sovereignty and in doing so land was immediately stolen from other nations. This created the conflict which is going on to this date…

  5. I think it all started with Nixon. The public trust was destroyed and even good intentions become suspect. The media became more interested in making villains and picking side than reporting facts. The average American all of a sudden became an expert on everything, because they heard it on T.V. Now everyone thinks they have the right answer on everything.

  6. Politics is war by other means.

    Since the Revolutionary War politics has been cut-throat on all levels.

    People die over politics every day, and never will politics be warm, and fuzzy, with politicians wishing the best for the opposition.

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