Tiger Woods Marriage is Over

Tiger Woods Marriage is Over

The coming Christmas holidays has Tiger Woods on his 2o million dollar yacht and his wife Elin Woods without her wedding ring planning to go to her homeland Sweden which shows the condition of her marriage.  The marriage is definitely over as reported moving trucks showed up at their mansion in Florida today to move Mrs. Woods out.

Elin and Tiger Woods Splitsville-Headed for Divorce Court
Elin and Tiger Woods Splitsville-Headed for Divorce Court

The shameless golfer is not coping well with the turmoil in his life and is spending “quality time” with his male buddies for a change and not his countless parade of mistresses as he did in the past but that can all change on a dime.

If Elin gives him a divorce he will have the freedom to have sex with the whole world but he will have lost the love of his family and the kids will be the ones that suffer the damage of a divorced famous couple.

Elin Nordegren is reported to be headed back to Sweden where she has gained the respect of her country in the news media. Elin has bought a home on a secluded island in her homeland and has had enough of the media circus her husband has introduced into their private lives.

Tiger Woods Marriage in Shambles-Elin Moves Out of Mansion
Tiger Woods Marriage in Shambles-Elin Moves Out of Mansion

It must be finally hitting Tiger Woods and sinking in that he has permanently damaged his marriage and hurt his wife very badly and repairing their marriage seems impossible.

Elin does not believe Tiger will change his womanizing ways as it is learned his father had the same problem staying faithful to his own wife, Tiger’s mother.  Like father like son goes the old saying and Tiger must have adopted this lifestyle and this is plausible because he idolized his father.

Tiger Woods Marriage is Over -Elin Hires High Powered Lawyer
Tiger Woods Marriage is Over -Elin Hires High Powered Lawyer

Elin must be not reading the newspapers or listening to CNN where every day another woman is reported to have had sex with her husband and she must be sick to her stomach even hearing his name mentioned.  She must be getting sick of hearing about Tiger Wood’s affairs and sex scandals over and over again.

Reportedly Elin has purchased a million dollar home on a secluded island in Sweden and has higher a high powered lawyer to handle her divorce.  This is significant evidence that Tiger Woods is getting the divorce he so richly desired.  The moving trucks are already moving her things out of the mansion in Florida- it is the visible and real end of a 5 year marriage.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Now Separated Headed for Divorce
Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Now Separated Headed for Divorce

But of course another woman has surfaced which makes the total well over 15 women and rumor has it there are many who are staying silent that no one knows about in the media.

The latest addition to the trophy woman that Tiger has sex with is Theresa Rogers who is the only cougar of the bunch as she is 15 years older than Tiger Woods.  She has been reported to have said that she taught the golfer a few of her own “lessons” in bed.  Actually Rogers is taking credit for teaching Woods “everything” about sex.  News Report Staff of The Sun.

Theresa Rogers the Latest of Tiger's Stable of Women
Theresa Rogers the Latest of Tiger's Stable of Women

Basically Tiger Woods behaved like a Whore for his entire marriage and to have expected his marriage to survive the affairs he was dreaming in technicolor or intentionally wanted to found out and get a divorce.



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  1. It looks like its over, Elin would have normally showed up at the Masters, instead she was on a plane-going anywhere except near her husband. Still the papers have not been filed and she has since left for Sweden.


  2. Well if it is over, and that is a big IF, maybe things will settle down for both of them and they can clear up some of the Hurt. No one knows where all of this well end up, but being apart will not hurt either one of them. The children in time will be able to deal with this although it may be for the best I do hate it for the kids. There are times in life that we mess up and have to pay, and this may be one of these times.

  3. He is an adult and knew what his behavior was doing would hurt his wife and kids, and the boy needs professional help not just for 6 weeks as this is an ongoing problem. Yes he admitted his mistakes perhaps a little too late. The lesson learned is the hurt does not go away it only lessens with time and the trust is gone forever. Tiger must repair his damaged life and make golf a secondary priority.


  4. I do not condone what Tiger did, and I really believe he wanted to keep his family together. The media got paid good on this one and yes, what woman or man would stay after hearing and seeing their privacy dragged daily across the public eye.

  5. Yes. I feel sympathy for Tiger,Elin and the kids. Tiger is only human but so are we all. Tiger allowed the fame,fortune,and to much attention go to BOTH of his HEADS. He apparently got confused with his inner self and committed these adulteress acts as much as he did. Tiger must have though that he was untouchable and could just go out and do whatever he wanted and buy whatever he wanted sadly mistaken and now TIGER you must drink in the wine of your ignorance, and what a hard valuable lesson you will have to learn. This proves that money can’t buy everything. I’d rather be poor and filled with joy, than rich and sadden by the power of worldly possessions such as THE FOOL. And also to the WOMEN or more appropriates WH@#&%!. YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! YOU KNEW THIS MAN WAS A MARRIED MAN AND HAD KIDS INVOLVED, YOU ALL ARE WORST THAT TIGER BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE THE ONES THAT TRULY ARE THE FOOLS HOW STUPID!!!!!! YOU ALL WILL GET. JUST WHAT YOU ALL RIGHTLY DESERVE. YOU ARE NO ANGELS, YOU ALL SOLD YOU OWN SOULS FOR WHAT A PEICE OF TIGER WOODS

  6. Malik Juba –

    I know that your comments were made to stimulate the discussion as no one would be that stupid or arrogant to really stand behind the comments you made. And if that is not the case, God protect the woman that you may come in contact with!

  7. Yep Elin is going – all the way to the bank. It’s up to 300 million right now and rising. Tiger is paying for his transgressions.


  8. I feel for the children, they are the ones that will be hurt in all of this.
    He will regret all of this one day, It will really hit home one day.
    I am so glad his wife had enough respect for her self to leave. and
    not let money make her stay there and disrepect her self like that.

    she can have the money and not stay and be made to look like a fool.
    He will never change, I would never trust him any way.
    That would be so stressful if they had try to stay togather. she would always
    be wondering what he is doing and if he is cheating on her. I do not
    balme her for leaving the children do not need that drama.

    You go girl Elin, I tip my hat to you. have some respect for yourself.

  9. Tiger is human, and knew exactly what he was doing when he slept with those women. When people cheat, they don’t ever think about what will happen when they get caught. If Tiger was thinking about his reputation and family, he would have never fooled around in the first place. His wife is doing the right thing, because if she stays, he will continue to fool around. Being human has nothing to do with what Tiger did. He is a dog and got caught. YOU LAY YOU PAY….and he is definitely paying for his transgressions.

  10. The media exposed his transgressions -they didn’t have a hand in his adulterous life and he created a false image of himself by not being honest. Since the incident he has hidden from the public eye. We are still waiting for him to come clean and the first step to forgiveness is to admit your faults. It is obvious Tiger doesn’t read the bible much.

    Politicol News

  11. Really think the media played a part in the divorce. They even interviewed people at his high school..good grief…sure, he made mistakes…too many! But, people can change. He will never get the opportunity. Sad story for those who love Tiger. Tiger is not a bad person. Remember David in the Bible..he committed murder and adultery, but God forgave him.

    Other great golfers had their flings..know some stuff on several, but that is their business..will not gossip about their transgressions. We all have our cross to bear.

  12. Ole’ Tiger is human. THAT SAID…Tiger should have been thinking of his human wife (God Bless her) his human kids. He had it all..or did he? No self control, no morals, no honor I hope the fame he has been privelaged with goes right down the drain. He could’nt love his wife and kids and do them the way he did. God will forgive him but Mrs. Woods would also be forgiven by God and the faithfull spouses if she knocked the hell out of his stupid #%! . I agree with the other comment about the laughing comment. It is definately not a laughing matter and should be taken seriously. Something as sacred as marriage should not be taken lightly. It’s my opinion and there are some human’s (Ignorant malik jokeball) who agree with me. Peace

  13. Tiger Woods did have a legally binding marriage – he just chose to disregard the fine print- namely honesty and being faithful. Even years from now if he does play a tournament again, he will be considered a scum bag by his ex- fans. Women are furious at him -that is likely not going to change with time nor will he be considered a role model for young people.


  14. Does a guy like this really have a marriage in the first place? Bopping babes in various towns? Really believe he quit when he got married?

  15. OMG malik you are so deslusional! Are you seriously justifying his actions by the fact that he is human and that him being famous makes his infidelity sound so much worse?! Let me tell you something. First of all, I am human and I sure as heck have not cheated on my spouse with 1 person, let alone 15. Second, just because he is famous doesn’t make his infidelity seem worse. If my friend, or relative or whoever came to me and said that their spouse had cheated on them with even one person I would be disgusted, and even more disgusted if it was with 15 or more people. Do you have any idea the kind of STD’s and diseases that could have been passed to his spouse, and so what if he is a great golfer! He knew what he was doing and was obviously under the impression that he wouldn’t get caught! How is Elin or those children suppose to feel! I am a child of divorce and that kind of thing can affect you for the rest of your life! I’m not saying all divorce is a horrible experience for all children, and that all children are ruined for life, but I am saying it’s hard on children and anyone involved. So malik JubalTiger Woods as a God! And your stupid comment about “laugh through this”!, ya why don’t you go to the Woods house, and to the children and say he “lets laugh through this”! You are an idiot Malik Jubal!

  16. Just because Woods plays golf and makes money through his public image, does not give him the right to “pretend” he is righteous and above morality. He has done this damage to himself, his wife, his family and to his public image and held himself up as a role model for kids.

    Politicol News

  17. Tiger Woods is no more, nor less human than any of us. He is almost a billionaire, so his dirt is turned into gold by the ethical alchemist of society. Those of you who are so offended by Tiger Woods actions should be reminded that not many of us would pass an examination if placed under the microscope of morality. He is an excellent golfer. Yet, he was and never will be anything more than HUMAN! We all are. Look at it in that light and you’ll be less disgusted by this man’s actions. Remember, our dirt would be worth sifting through in the river of righteousness if it contained the valuable mineral known as Fame. Here is a funny video song on Tiger Woods. Lighten up gang and laugh through this. After all, he is a Golfer not a God.

    Malik Jubal

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