This election Anxiety over Economy eclipses fear of Terrorism as a Political Issue

This election, anxiety over economy eclipses fear of terrorism as a political issue

Threats to Our Economy overshadows the threats from Terrorists

“On the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks Thursday, presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain plan to do what would have been unthinkable for the two antagonists in the 2004 campaign: make a joint appearance”.

The above article was posted by many sites and newspaper media but has been removed.
Whoever wrote this post would be shocked to know it has been censored by an unknown power who would not like us to believe the economy is a greater threat than terrorism.

The people decided that $ 4.00 gas, rising food prices, and the economy is a major threat greater than the terrorist’s plots that is the Republican Party crown jewel in their platform. The economy will kill more people in the United States than the terrorist’s threat. We now hear Sarah Palin ready to call out Russia to a war over missile defense systems. The danger is more from within this country with extremists like John McCain and Sarah Palin which would be a great threat to this country.

The threats of our own country leading us into a dangerous antagonistic situation are made greater by the Republican war mongering which continues to threaten not only our economy but our very existence. The current Bush administration failed to correct the financial disasters for home owners and rather bailed out a privately owned organization will indeed the increase national debt passed on to the taxpayer.

If we do not immediately invest in alternative energies instead of the foolishness of the false hopes of offshore drilling our economy will kill us before any terrorists reach our shores.
This 2008 election is about the threats to our economy and not terrorists plots which is getting old with voters.

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