The Tea Party Debate Sept 12, 2011

More debates tonight from Tampa, Florida will determine if the Republican party will be in trouble in November, 2011. 

The choice between the radical Tea Party or conservative establishment values is the choice Republican voters have to make soon.  The last debate left off with Gov. Rick Perry claiming that Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme, although he was chastised by Carl Rove and other republican manipulators.

Banking Regulations

The Tea Party believes banking regulations are unAmerican, and are causing job losses. We all saw what happened in 2008 with the real ponzi schemes, and the Tea Party is endorsing more deregulation of this very corrupted industry. 

The Tea Party consistently thinks that banking fraud is a good thing, a real economic boost to society, having your banks go into criminal activity is perfectly fine.

While the Democrats under President Obama chose to restore banking regulations, the Tea Party is actually fighting to ensure another Wall Street meltdown. The top 1 percent of the wealthy in America, control 42 percent of its total wealth, while 37 million Americans are living on food stamps.

Why should Americans be helping the one percent wealthy which includes the CEO’s and executives at Wall Street banks? More interesting is that the Tea Party supports Wall Street banks and further erosion of the financial system.

Gun De-Regulation

Some factions of the Tea Party are members of the NRA, and they “cling to their guns”.
Their guns are protection for their basic human insecurities and fear for they have to carry their guns into public buildings, schools, fast food restaurants, the bathroom, and they sleep with their guns under their pillow.  

Gov. Rick Perry says he even jogs with his gun on his person, a real sign of insecurity from the Texas strong man. Yes, the Republicans and their guns show signs of men who can’t win an argument unless they are pointing a gun at you. The National Rifle Association along with their powerful, monied lobbyists contribute to the Tea Party with big dollars.

The Tea Party Debate Sept 12, 2011The Tea Party Debate Sept 12, 2011

Worse is the fact that guns are the most used in violent crimes, people shooting themselves or members of their family or on hunting trips. This brings to mind Dick Cheney, mistaking his friend for a duck and shooting him in the face requiring a trip to the emergency hospital.

Big Oil Deregulation

We won’t touch on this one as we all saw the horror of British Petroleum, a foreign based mega oil corporation who dumped hundreds of millions of gallons into the Gulf of Mexico because they didn’t seal an oil rig cap, 5000 feet underwater.

We saw that they blamed each other, BP blamed Halliburton who blamed the Deepwater Horizon who owned the oil rig that BP leased. Immediately, they passed the blame on to others, not taking responsibility for the blowout.

Now in 2011, there is another BP oil rig that is leaking oil at the Macondo rig which is another oil spill in the making, and yet the Tea Party would deregulate this industry. See Huffington Post Rocky Kistner

In March of this year a helicopter crew with pollution investigators saw another oil leak at the Main Pass Block 41 which is 100 miles long. This area is located near the BP Oil explosion site in the Gulf of Mexico.  We all heard the McCain -Palin cry of more reckless oil deregulation in Alaska, the Florida coastline, the eastern seaboard for more oil drilling.

Drill Baby Drill

The Tea Party Debate Sept 12, 2011

We don’t have to go into what the oil spill did to Louisiana’s fishing industry, the valuable oyster and crab beds and how it affected five southern states with billions in losses to their tourism and jobs. We don’t have to repeat that again to the Tea Party which illustrates just how insanity has taken over this movement. It is the deregulation of the oil industry which actually caused job losses, economic losses and a beautiful coastline was marred, destroyed by a big oil corporation.

British Petroleum has been cited in Canada and the US for having pipeline leaks due to lack of maintenance, lack of repairing old rusty pipelines, explosions at refineries in Texas and are major polluters of the environment. We won’t go into nuclear deregulation, that will be covered in another article, but Japan is our lesson to learn.

Judicial Deregulation

The Tea Party doesn’t even like the Supreme Court and they stand for deregulation of the Supreme Court, the judicial and the Dept. of Justice, lets just get rid of the court system.  This opens the Tea party policies up to real and substantial ridicule. A country of no laws, no values, no justice and no ethics is not the way to head into the future and to ensure economic growth. How would foreign investors view making a substantial investment in America with no laws?

The Republican Tea Party Debate Sept 12, 2011

Tonight, the lame stream media will again give this misguided movement a voice and while conservatives are cringing at the thought of a Tea Party nominee. The fact that the Tea party is also a disjointed bunch who argue amongst themselves with no unified platform except those outlined here.  The Tea Party has destroyed it’s own image by the debt ceiling crisis, which has caused economic harm already and when the markets in a recession tumbled to new lows.   

The rest of the country is shaking their heads saying “No Way” for a 2012 President with the values of the Tea Party deregulation movement.

It all boils down to a two man race between Mitt Romney who lost the last election bid in 2008 and Rick Perry the Executioner Vaccine Governor Of Texas who wants to deregulate the whole country and has wacky ideas on Social Security ponzi schemes. The choices are clearly terrible in either case you have a very weak candidate going into the 2012 National Election.

The Tea Party Debate Sept 12, 2011

 Part 1- The Tea Party Deregulation Movement