The NRA Assault Rifle is the Solution for Women Says Gayle Trotter

Jan 31, 2013 As we listened to the testimony yesterday by the NRA, one particular part was deeply hilarious and that was the testimony of a virtual nobody name Gayle Trotter.

Ms. Trotter said she was an independent, politically and she said she represents women who should “have choice” about guns. The more she talked, the more insane her premise and the more obvious who she was working for and paid for this testimony.


She advocates that assault rifles should not be banned because women are so weak they need a high powered assault rifle so they cannot be raped or murdered. She claims that restrictions on assault rifles will make women unsafe in some unbelievable speech, she made women out to be weak, and dependent on more dangerous military rifles which of course was meaningless dribble.

A Happy Housewife is a Housewife with an Assault Rifle



Trotter said “guns make women safer” and then she mentioned the Second Amendment again a famous buzz word for the NRA.  

Awesome. Now women in America can be like women in Afghanistan



Guns are the Great Equalizer -Especially when you Go Shopping at WalMart




Every Woman deserves an Assault Rifle- The Fearful Gun Nuts Are Out of The Closet 

 awomanassault rifle


Not One of the Proposed gun Reforms restricts a woman’s right to buy a gun for self protection and it is the NRA paranoia that is leading this backlash against “any” regulations of guns.

Women can catch the bus with their Assault Rifles and go to Work knowing how independent they are of hand guns.


Go to Work with your Assault Rifle

Ms. Trotter emitted a few similar words used by the Pro-Choice movement against abortions as if to think that would appeal to liberal and real independent women who by a majority voted for a democrat President.

Going to See Santa At the Mall with My Assault Rifle



We wonder what the 26 mothers who are grieving the loss of their children would respond to Ms. Trotter’s speech on not banning assault rifles without a background check.

As she sat near Wayne LaPierre we knew that what she was about to say would be totally out of line and did not represent the most common women in America.

Going For Coffee With the Girls With Our Assault Rifles 



The facts are that American women taking care of a household with kids or without are not trotting around an AR-15 at the ready fully loaded with 100 round clips waiting at the door for an attacker.

If this were the case, they would have Wayne LaPierre in their heads filled with paranoid thoughts. The woman sounded like she was channeling the same DNA in Michelle Bachmann, her inner crazy person.

As a person who was to represent an expert on how to make women safer, she failed miserably and represented not independent woman, but a republican front forum for the NRA.

In fact it was clear that Gayle Trotter was a lobbyist, for the NRA lobbyist group who represent gun manufacturers not women.

Scary what the NRA are so desperate to turn our world into a gun totting society that would shoot first, ask questions later in a world so fearful it cannot exist in sanity.