The Mormon Church Owns Bain Stocks and Billion Dollar Businesses

The Mormon Church is a mystery to most christians, catholics and evangelicals but let even more mysterious is the church’s financial dealings and businesses. To shed some light on the billion dollar business known as the Mormon Church you have to look towards Salt Lake City Utah and the mega malls they are building in Mormon country.

Firstly, you buy into the Mormon Church by paying 10 percent of your salary each year to the Mormon Church, those are basically your union dues.  Already, one can see a pyramid racketeering operation but it is called tithing to worshippers of the Mormon faith.

The Mormon Church a Church of Rituals, Secrecy, No Tax Status and Billions in Revenue

The Church of Latter Day Saints, or the LDS church for short,  is a religion of rituals and monolithic temples dating back to the 1950’s in Idaho, Iowa and Arizona to name a few states. 

The temples are closed to the public, and in some cases forbidden to unworthy members. This is however not a church today, it is a mega business with tax free shelters just like Mitt Romney’s offshore tax free status accounts. It is a church that invests in stocks, makes trades, buys and sells stocks for profit and gain and pays no taxes on the returns.

Mitt Romney takes his faith seriously from the man who talks to God

There is a ritual called an Endowment which is forbidden to be discussed outside the church.

Another ritual is the Baptism for the Dead, where proxies dressed in white gowns are stand ins for the dearly departed who are then baptized.

The secrecy, the rituals, the strict laws are often identifiers of a cult or another Scientology secret religion.

The Admission Fee is Called Tithing and the Church Makes Billions

It is estimated that the Mormon church collects 8 billion dollars a year in this way from its members and avoids paying taxes due to its status as a church.

Seriously, 8 billion dollars that we know of and no taxes is this  a church running like a profitable business?

The Mormon Church like other religious groups pays no real estate property taxes, even if they are earning revenue as commercial properties. The church pays no taxes on donations, or holdings such as stocks or bonds or any other assets.

Mitt Romney gave the Mormon Church millions of dollars through Bain Capital in stock holdings so they could also profit from Bain. (Bureau Investigates)

Romney gave the Mormon church the following stocks between the years of 1999 when he was to have left Bain Capital through to 2009:

1 million dollars worth of Domino Pizza shares (DPZ)

2 million dollars of Burger King shares (BKW)

Mitt Romney gave these stocks to the Mormon Church between the years 1999 and 2009 when he claims he quit Bain Capital, quit being their CEO, and was running for President of the United States for ten years in a political career. Romney claims he was “not” running Bain Capital but we are to believe he was giving Bain stocks to the Mormon Church.

In this way, the Mormon church could buy and sell stocks, legally without paying any capital gain taxes, and this benefits the church but also Mitt Romney. 

The Mormon Church Pays No Capital Gains on Stocks donated from Mitt Romney

There are no laws that require the Mormon Church to open their books to anyone, including investigators, the Dept of Justice, the FBI or any government agency, which makes a church a perfect place to launder money. 

On Feb. 9, 2012 four priests in the Catholic Church have been charged with laundering money, in secret accounts with no names, and it seems the criminality of this system of no accountability to a country’s tax system allows churches to operate like the mob. So, if one were to want to hide a lot of money, the Mormon Church would be a perfect place to run an operation and all tax free, including the church’s investments. 

Bloomberg has reported that the Mormon Church owns a whole slew of businesses worth billions of dollars including:

11 radio stations, a TV station, an insurance company worth 3.3 billion, one million acres of land in the USA, 7,000 acres in Oahu, Hawaii, parking lots, malls, a college, residential buildings, office parks, a hospitality business, a publish and distribution company, a news paper and a 2 billion dollar mega mall in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Of all of these holdings, the tax shelter status and where the donations are really going is nobody’s business, no one is accountable to the US government for the profit center business this church has been allowed to accumulate and pay no tax.

The Mormon Church is not a Church it is a Business Enterprise and therefore the “tax Free Status” should be stripped from it completely. This church is not about the business of charity, it is about profiteering through the guise of a church status.

15 Mormons in the US Government in Key Positions and Now a Possible President

There are 15 mormons serving in the US Congress, and many others that are silent about their religious beliefs, mostly they represent districts with a large Mormon population. Both Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney have downplayed their religion as having any importance in their political careers.

Voters are Concerned about the Romney Mormonism

Now that Mitt Romney is the key front man for the Republican party, his faith plays a major factor in how he would run the country if elected.

The Romney business dealings, which are just as secretive as the Mormon church business dealings could be a deal breaker for the voting public. Mormons believe in polygamy, and magical pants and outside it’s walls the church remains a private secret business organization. We know that Mitt Romney’s grandfather escaped the jurisdiction of the United States and fled to Mexico so he could practice his polygamy in the open.

Net Worth of the Mormon Church Today

As of last year, in 2011,  according to Newsweek Magazine the Mormon Church is worth 30 Billion Dollars.

The Mormon Church votes republican and of course the republicans carry the State of Utah every election by a majority,including the 2008 Presidential Election which went 63% to McCain.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism Mormons and Money

Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church- the Faith that He will Become a God, and be Directed to do Anything by the leader of the Mormon Church, Thomas S. Monson who is chosen by god.

We know that Mitt Romney is a devout Mormon, he tithes, he goes to church every sunday and he is religious as they get, in the Mormon Church. Mitt Romney served as a bishop at one time, and a stake president which are in the heirarchy of the church’s leaders.

From The Bureau Investigates:

“Enterprise is in Mormonism’s DNA, Winter says: the church’s original prophet, Joseph Smith, had 112 revelations, 88 of which relate directly to financial matters. This makes him perhaps the world’s first genuine business guru. Next month, former Mormon bishop – and multi-millionaire businessman – Mitt Romney will receive the Republican presidential nomination, which will place the church’s dealings under scrutiny as never before.”