The Monsanto Lies to Shareholders

The Monsanto Lies to Shareholders

The mega- giant seed company Monsanto has spent millions of dollars fighting labeling in food stores, and many more to hire lobbyists to fight government requirements of labeling food.

The question remains that if their claims are true that GMO plants are safe, why not label them? The public demands labeling of genetically modified organisms otherwise known as: Pesticide Food and have a right to know what they are eating and buying on a daily basis.

Monsanto Lies to The Public Shareholders

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The chemicals in foods today were never present until GMO became increasingly approved by the US government and many countries are banning their use for good reason, GMO is deadly to human life. Today, in 2012 90% of processed foods sold in large grocery stores are or have GMO ingredients and they are not labeled correctly.

In this video the CEO of Monsanto denies that:

GMO have been linked to damage to human health in many tests.
GMO’s contain pesticides that the public ingests on a daily basis in most food products.
Hugh Grant denies that they will continue to fight food labeling, a responsible and ethical policy.
He also denies that Monsanto has blocked “any” testing of its genetic pesticide seeds for government testing.

At the Annual Shareholders meeting, those who are in the audience are predominantly “Monsanto Employees”. The organic farmers of America and farmers around the world are fighting Monsanto GMO for it has destroyed their livelihood and contaminated farmland with pesticide seeds that do not offer their advertised protection against insects or drought.

The US government has allowed (through Tom Vilsack, the head of the US Agriculture) and an ex-Monsanto lawyer is a system of corruption in the food supply. Once GMO seeded plants take hold, there will be no such thing as organic food.

Others who have joined this effort is none other than Bill Gates who is promoting GMO seeds for “vulnerable” countries such as India and Africa. Gates also wishes to reduce the world population with vaccinations. (His own words)

The public of 230 million people are being fed distorted information and the US government has capitulated to lobbyists for Monsanto on a grand scale and it must stop now.

The country of Peru banned Monsanto GMO seeds for 10 years, France has said no to GMO, India has charged Monsanto for bio-piracy and infecting their cotton and eggplant crops vital to the people of India.


There is ample evidence that Monsanto GMO seeds made from Roundup pesticides are not welcomed or wanted by the public.  There is a strong active movement to fight Monsanto’s blocking of food labeling requirements and the FDA, NIH, USDA and the CDC are bought and paid for by lobbyists for Monsanto and Dow Chemical companies.

GMO is linked to diseases, cancer, diabetes and is deadly for human health, a proven fact with countless studies. One has to look at the chemical composition of Round Up to know this is a fact.

It is time for President Obama to cut his ties with Monsanto who are supplying his campaign contributions and he in turn has appointed several ex-Monsanto employees in his cabinet and at the FDA. 

Watch the Video of the Monsanto Shareholders Meeting:

Scientists Talk About GMO- The Truth about The Lies Monsanto

The process of creating GMO foods is threatening the food of the world and people have to demand it’s removal. Any claims that GMO foods will help the starving are false claims. The hidden information on the science of how bad it is keeps the public uninformed and betrayed by the US government.

Bill Gates Involved in Deadly Vaccines, GMO Foods will Kill off Millions of People

Bill Gates spearheads the Global Alliance for Vaccines  and Immunization (GAVI) that killed children in Pakistan.

Studies at Tel Aviv University 

New research shows the live polio vaccines sold to Pakistan by Bill Gate’s company,  were deadly and were actually causing polio to spread.

This so called “Global Alliance” of interconnected billionaires and big corporations are infecting the world with deadly foods and vaccines.