The Koch Congress Pushing Keystone Pipeline

The Koch Congress Pushing Keystone Pipeline

The Koch Congress as Think Progress calls them are members of congress that accepted money, known as bribery in most countries, from the billionaire Koch Brothers.  Keeping money out of government is the main issue of rulings such as Citizens’ United, and the general atmosphere of a long corrupted US Congress.

The money flows, and legislation is voted on leaving out the voters and the public completely out of the picture.

The list is only a representation of what has been “reported” and as we know where there is some money illustrated there is much, much more that goes unreported in offshore accounts.

The Koch Brothers are also heavily invested in the Keystone XL pipeline and are “paying” for the passage of permission to build Keystone which President Obama dismissed a few days ago.

The bill would see that Environmental regulations are by-passed and ignored for the sake of “energy independence” which is simply not true. Keystone XL creates more dependency and a majority of the oil and gas produced will be sold to foreign countries at high profits for the Koch Brothers.

Crude oil prices today, January 22, 2012 remain at $ 98.39 per barrel US funds.      (Oil Price dot net)

Price at the Pumps USA: ranges between $ 2.98 Utah $3.42 in Oregon/gallon.

Price at the Pumps Canada: on average, $1.20 per liter x 4= $4.80 a Cdn Gallon

Gas ranges from province to province up to $1.40 per liter in northern Canada.

Some Misconceptions about Keystone Pipeline

1) The tar sand process is the most expensive way to extract oil from rocks in Alberta and that cost will be passed on to consumers.

2) Keystone pipeline will only produce billions more in profits for the Koch Brothers and TransCanada who will reap the costs back in higher gas and oil prices for both Canadians and American car owners.

3) The price of oil per barrel must be over $100.00 per barrel for any tar sands oil to turn a profit, therefore the price of gas at the pump will remain high at $4.00 or more per gallon forever.

4) Consumers believe that Keystone XL will reduce gas prices since it is US made, but that is not true.

5) There are no benefits to Americans from Keystone, most of the oil was always intended to be sold on the open market to foreign countries including China. The deal benefits the corporations of big oil and the parties involved.

6) Keystone XL will not provide unlimited and inflated figures of jobs, the oil companies are using job creation of 20,000 jobs as a promotional lie.

Once the construction is completed the workers will be fired, temporary low paying jobs will remain, mostly part time to increase profits for the Koch Bros. (In Wisconsin, the Koch Bros attempted to dismantle union jobs at State utility companies to hire non-union works with Scott Walker’s help).

7) Trans Canada has already purchased the steel to manufacture the pipelines and unfortunately they purchased a cheaper grade of steel, that will rust, break down and definitely produce oil spills they are so famous for creating.

8) The Keystone XL deal also includes fracking gas drilling throughout the country, which are confirmed to destroy US drinking water a precious resource and create earthquakes to cause property damage to homes and businesses. See Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas earthquakes.

9) TransCanada has a history of numerous oil spills documented.

(Think Progress)

10) In North Dakota TransCanada spilled 21,000 gallons one of 12 oil spills from a state of the art pipeline they said was safe.

Open has the List of Sell Outs in Congress who Support the Koch Brothers here.

Some of the Congress members who accepted money from the Koch Brothers to approve their promotion of Tar Sands Oil, Keystone Pipeline and Transcanada profits.

A good source of information: Green Peace Canada

The Koch Congress Pushing Keystone Pipeline