The Karl Rove 2004 Election Fraud Cover Up

Oct. 29, 2012  All these years later with a mysterious death of a tell all IT expert, the involvement of Karl Rove in the 2004 Ohio election were reported years ago have never been investigated.

Still today, there has been no investigation into Rove’s participation in this 2012 Election fraudulent activities involving the people he’s hired to commit such acts against the democratic party in up to ten swing states.

NB. Yes this photo is photoshopped, but it is a dream come true for democracy. Carl Rove arrested.

Karl Rove has had an important role in fixing elections in the past, so that votes can be manipulated and the one person who was attempting to blow the lid on his activities Mike Connell died mysteriously.

It wasn’t the first time we got a glimpse of what Karl Rove is capable of involving elections and who should be running in a senate race. Recently Rove was quoted:

Karl Rove reportedly joked about the murder of Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin and said at a fund raiser:

Rove stated “We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!” reported by a Businessweek report.

In 2004, in Ohio a Top GOP strategist who worked on the internet was set to testify in Election tampering in Ohio, but mysteriously died in a plane crash.

Mike Connell who was the IT Chief consultant who worked for Karl Rove asked for protective custody from the US government because he feared for his life.

The facts are that Connell was experienced in flying, but crashed his plane in Akron Ohio a day before he was to testify on the vote count and detail how Karl Rove’s email files were on the same server and went missing. (report from Truth Out 2008)

The Daily Page reports that Mike Connell’s sister rarely spoke about his job but that he ran a company called New Media Communications. Connell set up website for the republican party namely former  President George Bush and his brother Jeb Bush.  His sister, Shannon Connell only learned of the connection between her brother and Karl Rove after he died.

Mike Connell left behind a wife and four children and lived near Akron Ohio, shortly after an attorney laid a federal lawsuit based on federal civil rights law that alleged a conspiracy to rig elections in the state of Ohio. At the press conference following the filing of the lawsuit Cliff Arnebeck the Columbus Ohio attorney identified Mike Connell as a witness to the crime.

Witness Connell Said He Was Threatened by Karl Rove

Attorney Arnebeck did not imply that Connell was part of the criminal activities but that he was a witness to criminal activities that were discussed. One week later the attorney appealed to the Ohio Attorney General requesting protection since Connell claimed he had been threatened by Karl Rove.

Mike Connell killed in 2004 in a plane crash, never did get to testify against Karl Rove.

It would not be the first time a person was killed in a plane crash with mysterious factors affecting the crash.

In Oped News a lengthy article discusses Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and President Bush and the deaths of Mike Connell, Pat Tillman, and Paul Wellstone.

Quote: “The probability that a reliable airplane with qualified pilots would lose its capacity to communicate and fall to the ground absent a precipitating cause appears to be negligible.  Indeed, the recent death via plane crash of Mike Connell, an IT wizard who appears to have been in a position to have stolen elections for Bush, occurred at a time the attorneys who were deposing him thought he was about to “spill the beans”. end quote.

Mark Chrispin Miller who is a professor of media at NY University wrote several books on the topic of election rigging: Loser Take All: Election Fraud and the Subversion of Democracy 2000-2008 and another book: Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election and Why They’ll Steal The Next One Too”.

Mark Chrispin Miller believed the plane crash was no accident, and stories didn’t match up that the plane was out of gas, exploded on contact.

Mike Connell was named Karl Rove’s Computer Guru since the Year 2000 but died in a mysterious plane crash.

The time is presumably up for election fixing, with days to go before a national Presidential Election the republicans have attempted many criminal activities to switch to votes to Mitt Romney.

Kart Rove and the Romney Voting Machines

Anonymous is watching Karl Rove, his servers, his emails, his phones and he is being tracked by unknown sources for any attempts to rig this election.

If Rove should attempt to rig the voting machines now owned by Mitt Romney’s company Bain Capital, HIG and his son Tagg Romney,  through a web of inter related companies  HART Intercivic voting machines – he is being carefully monitored.

These machines are known to be hacked and when the vote count can be transmitted by unencrypted interactions these servers are not protected and can easily be manipulated.

The media polls already seem to be manipulated showing Romney neck and neck with women voters which is impossible.

Already the GOP have controlled the corporate media messages that this is a close race when in reality vote polls by independent sources show quite a different alignment that Obama is in the lead.

Karl Rove Has Hired Nathan Sproul for the Past Four Elections to Undermine the Vote

Throughout this year the GOP party has attempted Voter Suppression with Nathan Sproul’s company called Strategic Allied Consultants operating in 10 states or more and have been already charged with felonies in Virginia.

While the Department of Justice has remained silent, Nathan Sproul has been accused of voter fraud in the last four Presidential Elections starting in the year 2000, 2004, 2008 and now in 2012 in 10 states.

Nathan Sproul’s campaign has been to set out employees to register voters but in fact he and his crews across the country most likely destroyed Democrat Registration Forms and threw them in the garbage. In Virginia, one person Colin Small was charged with 10 felony counts for destroying people’s voter registration forms.

Suppressing the Vote with Strict Voter ID Laws in All Swing States By Republicans

Meanwhile the Republican Party worked in states including: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Oregon and Colorado by passing voter suppression laws that are illegal under the Constitution. The GOP did their damage by delaying preparation for the Election, wasting millions of dollars in court costs in their attempt to stop minorities, students, the elderly to vote.

Voter Fraud Stems from the Republican Party

The GOP threw the kitchen sink at American voters, by stopping the votes from prisoners, and claiming there was massive voter fraud by voters which turned out to be false.

The Republicans also put up billboards to intimidate voters claiming voting fraud is a felony in minority districts which never has been attempted before in history. There is no voter fraud by the public it all stems from the Republican party to rig this election in favor of Mitt Romney.

Read more at Truth Out: Rove’s IT Guru Warned of Sabotage before Fatal Plane Crash: Was Set to Testify

Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Page

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