The FDA is on Drugs

Jan. 20, 2011 The FDA is on Drugs. Yes it is true. The FDA is a major drug cartel and they are sampling their own endorsements in the pharma industry. Time Magazine did a great expose on the Avandia deal with the drug makers to keep it on the shelves when it should have been removed to protect consumers.

Time Magazine: Does the FDA have a Drug Problem?

Lack of Testing-FDA Fails Testing of Gulf Shrimp

A prime example of the lack of testing at the FDA occurred months ago in the sloppy testing of Gulf of Mexico shrimp after the BP Oil spill of 2010. Gulf Shrimp contain twice the safe levels of lead in shrimp and yet the FDA approved the seafood and 4 billion pounds of shrimp are eaten by Americans every year.

FDA Approves of Fictitious Product from Fictitious Company

The fact that the FDA farms out testing of drugs and medical machines is bad enough but the worst part is that the FDA does not review or investigate the testing plans.This is performed by for profit companies such as the IRB’s  ( Institutional Review Boards).

The IRB’s are paid by the companies seeking FDA approval which represents a corrupt system of paybacks and payouts for major conflicts of interests.  These review boards should be headed by consumer groups with no financial ties to the pharmaceuticals who play a heavy part of the review of their own products.  The FDA simply rubber stamps the IRB approvals without any thought of ethics.

The Money Pills


Heidi Stevenson writes an outline of how the FDA approved a non -existent product by a non-existent company and was found to be lacking the intelligence to figure out it was a sting operation by Congress.  The GAO -General Accountability Office sent the FDA an application for a product called Adhesiabloc which never existed.

The GAO purposefully put forth an insane product described with amazingly ridiculous uses and listed the headquarters of the company as a post office box.

Now, anyone with half a brain would have halted the application and refused it.  Even the CEO was non-existent fictitious name  of Jonathan Q. Kruger who doesn’t exist. One of the Boards from Colorado Springs approved the product.

Another sting was set up for the FDA this time the product was called


The name of the corporate owners was: April Phuls, Timothy Witless and Alan Ruse.

The application was approved by the FDA.

Read more of Heidi Stevenson’s Eye Opening Account of The FDA’s Grosses Mistakes

Lack of Ethics is astounding including the FDA failure to inspect Glaxosmithkline’s facilities that were mixing ulcer medications with anti-depressants in the same bottle.

One of Galaxo’s employees found the mix up, reported it to executives at Glaxo and was fired.  The FDA did nothing to stop the drug mixture from reaching the consumer which endangers the public.

Lack of Testing-Avandia Approval

The FDA’s approval of Viox and Avandia proved fatal to diabetics since it caused heart attack and heart damage. The boards that reviewed the drugs are connected to the pharmaceutical industry and this is where the corruption degrades the medical system of the USA today. It paints a picture of a profit driven drug industry that puts out boat loads of drugs makes billions on each one then pays the fine at the end with a few million and laughs all the way to the bank.

This is part of a cycle of higher health care costs, dangerous products taken orally by Americans and the tolerance of the US government for its own corrupted system of owning the largest Drug Cartel of the world.

New studies show that doctors are completely ignorant of the fact that drug company testing is biased and/or they are purposefully ignoring that biased judgment since they are in the same business.  The strategy by drug companies is to flood the market with so many drugs that profits are multiplied over and over with false claims.

The fraud continues at the FDA under government approvals and by pharmaceutical influences over science, medical practice and educational institutions.

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Illegal Off-Labelling of Drugs Continues with Big Pharmas
Illegal Off-Labelling of Drugs Continues with Big Pharmas

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