The Campaign for more Dirty Air, Dirty Energy

The Campaign for more Dirty Air, Dirty Energy

As the election draws nearer the big money energy companies are going all out to have more dirty energy projects on the go before Obama can claim another victory.

In these times, before a General Election the President is “courted” by big corporate money donations to his campaign in exchange for “political expediency and favors when he is back in the Oval Office.

The money is pouring into television networks like CNN that play an “pro-oil” “pro-natural gas” and “pro-coal” commercials every chance they get. The lobbyists have started in Alaska, through Canada’s Alberta Tar Sands and down south that dirty energy is needed to:

Create Jobs in a failed economy and simply this maybe over-exaggerated. More jobs are created by small business- not major oil companies.

But then there is the good old political contribution to some politicians that can be bought and sold with campaign contributions. In this particular case the woman in question says she loves “her Alaska”.

Here is an example of one such ad that targets Sen. Lisa Murkowski since she is getting big dollars to her re-election campaign from big oil that want more drilling in her state Alaska.


It is no secret that Murkowsi is opening a loophole in the law that will allow for more pollution for dirty energy companies and her constituents last.

Most people in Alaska have had enough from the Exxon Oil Spill 30 years ago and the oil that is still washing up on shore due to a ship running aground destroying fish and livelihoods as well as the coastline.

The Campaign for more Dirty Air, Dirty Energy

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Think Progress

 ” Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) plans to introduce a Congressional Disapproval Resolution that would block enforcement of the Clean Air Act for greenhouse gases. Her “Dirty Air Act” resolution would “retroactivelyveto” the Environmental Protection Agency’s finding released in December “that greenhouse gases endanger public health and welfare,” threatening the hopes for a clean energy economic recovery for the nation.

The U.S. Global Change Research Program has determined that “climatechange impacts are much more pronounced” in Alaska “than in other regions of the United States.”

Villages are being relocated as land slips into the sea, roads are melting, forests are burning, and the Iron Dog snowmobile race is being cancelled by rain.” End Quote

Green For All

” Yesterday U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski continued her campaign to undermine the Clean Air Act and to distract the country from real efforts to fix our economy and fight the climate crisis.

Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, along with 35 other cosponsors including three Democrats (Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Ben Nelson of Nebraska) introduced a resolution in the Senate that would restrict the EPA from enforcing provisions of the Clean Air Act to protect community health.??”

Polluter Watch

” Murkowski is expected to announce today whether to go full steam ahead with her lobbyist-written Dirty Air Act or swap it out for some other way of expressing her gratitude to coal and oil companies for helping her do her job and of course for the campaign cash.

Please call Lisa Murkowski today at 202-224-6665, and tell her to dump the Dirty Air Act and get to work on legislation that will create new, clean energy jobs for Americans who want to secure our nation and get our economy back on track.” end quote