The 2012 Electronic Election Fixer Karl Rove

Oct. 24, 2012 Reports of the connection between Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, HIG, HART Intercivic voting machines are real, however much the media attempts to sweep the facts under the rug.

Will Karl Rove do it again with Romney’s voting machines? Keep your eyes peeled for major switches during the count in swing states.

But, when there are findings of election fraud like in the case of Nathan Sproul in Florida and Virginia, and the 2004 election results in Ohio, all roads lead to Karl Rove and his super pac machine in this election.

The Vote in 2004 Ohio

The fact still remains that in the 2004 election results in Ohio didn’t match the exit polls of the entire day showing Sen. John Kerry was in the lead all along, and exit polls are 99.% accurate. The vote count that night were done by servers in Tennessee, that also housed Karl Rove’s emails. A coincidence perhaps or not?

Romney and HART Intercivic Voting Machines

The fact is that for the first time in history a Presidential candidate is connected both by his businesses and his family to the very voting machines that will tabulate his vote count is a big RED FLAG for many voters and election voter machine experts. Tagg Romney, Mitt Romney’s son through Solamere Capital, Bain Capital now own HART Intercivic voting machines used in this election.

The Roads All Lead to Carl Rove – The Election Fixer Upper

Karl Rove who got George Bush elected twice, is the man who has hired Nathan Sproul’s host of companies involved in Election 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 and numerous complains of voter fraud from Oregon, Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, Florida and recently Virginia have all been reported but Sproul has never been prosecuted for voter Fraud for 12 years.

After the Florida Election officials found suspicious Voter Registration forms, Sproul was fired but a few weeks later he was rehired again to continue his voter fraud.

In North Carolina and Nevada more reports of registration problems with Sproul’s services where forms were missing information, dead voters were registered and signature similarities.

The Los Angeles Times in their report indicated Sproul has been operating in 30 US states under the direction of Karl Rove, who has deep pockets full of cash managing Mitt Romney’s Super Pac money. (LA Times)

Sproul was hired four times to register voters and canvas in 8 Swing States possible 12 states and all four times there were voter complaints, previous employees claiming fraud, voter registration forms destroyed and yet the RNC and Rove keep him employed doing the same services -fixing elections.

Karl Rove who is in charge of the super PAC American Crossroads, paid up to 3 million for Sprouls services under contracts for the past 4 elections. There are indications Sproul was paid up to 8 million for the first Bush election in 2000 and Karl Rove was behind the swift boat attacks on Sen. John Kerry in 2004.

Karl Rove is also connected to Ali Akbar a GOP media strategist who has been convicted for felonies, credit card fraud, and stealing from the Tea party. By an article from The Democrat Daily he’s also listed as a “close” friend if not a lover of Karl Rove. ( Aug. 24, 2012.

Akbar worked under the name National Bloggers Club, that claims to be a Tax exempt charity organization 501 c S under the IRS codes, which was later found to be a for-profit organization. This company was also mentioned in the 2004 suspiciously altered election returns.

The mystery still remains on how Sen. John Kerry’s lead in the exit polls of 4.2 points in Ohio could render a George W. Bush win by 2 points after midnight involving the Tennessee tech company SmartTech that is linked to Karl Rove. SmartTech’s servers directly linked to Ohio election return servers that night electronically when the irregularities occurred that swung the election to George Bush.

Carl Rove denied any knowledge of SmartTech even after a 2007 commission called Project Everest evaluating the HART voting machines declared them: easy to compromise and they failed to meet 12 best practices tests for security.

If Homeland Security, the DOJ, FBI and CIA have the access to monitor all of Karl Rove’s activities for the past few years, they quite possibly could have caught him in the act.

Perhaps they are now through all the CISPA’s, SOPA’s, and internet monitoring bills passed by Congress, all 9 of them the government now has all of these tools in it’s own hands to find out who is fixing the 2012 Election.

Happy Voting!!

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