Teen Electrocuted For Refusing to take Off His Coat

In 2002, a young teen boy was electrocuted in a school for refusing to take off his coat, and restrained while school officials were laughing while the boy was on the floor.

*****   Warning Video is Difficult to Watch

An outrageous story of torture of kids allowed by a Massachusetts school called the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Canton, Massachusetts. For four years the school sought to hide the tapes from the public until a lawsuit was in progress.

Andre McCollins Tortured and electrocuted while school officials laughed 

The school is a facility for special needs children some of whom could be autistic or have emotional behavior disorders. The center is known to use adverse methods, harmful to human life as a treatment for these children. Even withholding food in some cases as interventions to correct behavior problems which is outrageous. 

Fox Undercover Mike Beaudet covers the story and shows a video that a lower court judge requested sealed, now is revealed in the courtroom in a higher court proceeding.  The lawyers for the school even tried to forbid Fox News from filming the video but the judge refused. 

The student was a disabled 18 year old Andre McCollins who was strapped to a table, searched, screaming in pain and received 31 jolts of electricity to restrain him all in seven long hours. Andre is calling for help and yells NO No No….and this is what the Judge Rotenburg center calls “treatment”.

Andre’s mother, Cheryl McCollins was shocked to know that her son was tortured in school for simply refusing to remove his coat and that she had never agreed to the procedures of shock treatment or electrocution of her son.

She testified in Court:

“I never signed up for him to be tortured, terrorized and abused. I had no idea that they tortured the children in this school.”

Three days later she visited him “I couldn’t turn his head to the left or to the right. He was just staring straight, I took my hands and went like this – he didn’t blink”. 


Attorneys for the school hoped this judge would squash the tapes but now they are in the public domain.  


The center is known for and is causing more psychological damage with these procedures including the forced inhalation of ammonia.

The facility sounds more like a torture chamber than a useful aid to early childhood education and should be shut down forever.

The Judge Rotenberg Center- A Torture Chamber for Disabled Children

All this for not taking his coat off and the Rotenberg Center defends this treatment that can actually kill human beings as necessary, it is more like torture.  

It is a disgusting display of a society that tortures those born “less than perfect” in a very imperfect world at the rotten Rotenberg Center for Human Torture.